A New Commandment

God said:

Beloved, every responsibility you accept is a gift you give to Earth. No burdens are to exist in any corner of the world. Remove from any contemplation the faintest idea of heaviness of heart. Lightness of heart hails as your New Commandment. Under no circumstances are you to feel dragged down. Absolutely not. I state light of heart as yours. This is My Will for you. No one is to be laden with a burlap bag of heavy stones. Joy is your tribute to the world.

Be light of foot and light of heart. Life on Earth is to be for joy. Sense of burden is not to be allowed. Life is a high-stepping dance. Oh, yes, by all means, dance a dance of joy. Do not even think of feeling responsibility as a weight. Make joy right and left. Once and for all, joy alone. No foot-dragging. Let there be no excuse for anything less than handstands and cartwheels and dancing and singing in the streets. No word of dismay is to pass your lips or ears.

Be joy to the world. Hark, the herald angels sing. You are a herald angel who sings a beautiful song. What a chorus of joy you sing to Me and to the world. Would I choose you for less than joy? No. I choose you for joy, and that’s it, the whole story. Joy is easy to remember. Your to-do list is to be made of joy alone. Center front, no exceptions. Wear a t-shirt that says Joy Alone. There is to be no less than joy for even one child of God.

It isn’t for you to muddy the waters. Joy alone is for you. Wear all the colors of joy. Forgo any concession to anything less than joy. Joy heads the list. Joy alone. Experience joy even with your right hand tied behind your back. Zippity Doo Dah. Hallelujah. I assign you joy on earth. Joy and joy alone.

Sainthood is to be joy. Nothing whatsoever is be less than joy to the hilt. Your freedom is to shine joy. You are not on Earth to signify less.

Let whatever you engage in be outright joy. Allow all joy to precede you. You are to drink of joy alone. There is within you a bubbling stream of joy. Drink to your heart’s content. Let thy name be joy unending. Joy is foremost and unrestricted. There are no boundaries to the joy that is to beam within you. Hut. Hut. Giddyap to joy, little dogie. Surround yourself with joy. Hie to joy. Joy is to radiate from you. Joy alone. For sure you are not destined for moil and trouble. There is no merit to less than joy. Less than joy is worth nothing at all. There will be no miserliness when it comes to joy. Abundance alone. Once and for all, joy pure and clear and hearty to all. No one is to mince joy. Strew joy abundantly. No faking joy. Hear Me. True joy is the Commandment I give to all on Earth. Make no bones about this. There are no exceptions, not one. Joy is the ground-breaker. Joy to all is foremost.

Your lesson is to learn joy no matter what. The more joy you give, the more joy there is. Fill the rafters with joy, joy unabashed. Your life is to be decorated with joy. Happy hearts are to abound. Ring the bells of joy lightly, and ring them clearly. Joy is now the way of the world. Is joy second to the Commandment to Love All? Which comes first? Joy or love, love or joy? There is no first or last.

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Wear a t-shirt that says Joy Alone

"Wear a t-shirt that says Joy Alone. There is to be no less than joy for even one child of God.” I am thinking of the children of God massacres in Syria and Yemen.

Wouldn’t it be a good idea to find a manufacturer of T-shirt who would put some of HeavenLetters short messages + link to Heavenletters.org on T-shirts. An idea to explore... I imagine people wearing those T-shirts in Time Square, Washington, L.A. ... And since we have translations in many languages, why not Rio, Lisboa, Paris Rome, Beijing, London, Bucarest, Istanbul, etc.

Hi Normand, As I was reading

Hi Normand,
As I was reading this H L. I was also thinking of t-shirt.
"Joy Alone for All Children of God"
Thank God for the gift of Joy.
With Love,Blessings and Joy for all of my brothers and sisters.
Much Love,Blessings and Joy to my beloved Gloria.
I am feeling better after operation,and I will try to write more often.

Love you all.

Marija from Croatia

Marija from Croatia! Please

Marija from Croatia!

Please write often. I have missed you. How happy I am that you are feeling better.

Dear friend, is your beautiful heart drawn to do something for Heavenletters? We would love to have you, Marija. For how many years now have we been heart to heart?

Dear Gloria. I would gladly

Dear Gloria.
I would gladly do what ever I can do.I am probibly good with idea.With the PC I am not so good.
My haelt is getting better,but have ways to go.I can now walk and do some things for myself.

We have bin heart to heart for about 5 or 6 yares.
I am so glad I found Heavenletters and You dear Gloria.

So glad you answerd.

Love you all so much,joyous children of God.

Marija from Croatia

Thank you, beautiful soul.

Thank you, beautiful soul. Now you will be doing greatness for the world by taking care of yourself first. Thank you for being here and expressing your support. You speak up. You encourage. You are here here and now, and your vote is counted. So grateful for you, dear one. I just thought of someone to ask.

Jim/Jimi. He has given much time to Heavenletters. He is retired, and got a part-time job to help support the time and imagination he used.

I'm crossing my fingers.

God bless you, Marija from Croatia with all my love.


Beloved Normand, how do we

Beloved Normand, how do we make this happen? How do we go for this. This is a fantastic idea. How do we make this idea from God into a fact? It can't be that we wait around. It can't be that we are just dreamers idling. God has told us that we are His Hands. We are His Dream-Fulfillers.

Who will make this happen. My understanding is that there is always a way,

How about Go-Fund-Me and and get this idea out there. First, is there some who could design this T shirt. Let's see it! Who is a designer here?

And, of course, let's make these T-shirts in all sizes, and for babies as well. If wishes were horses!

Normand, this indeed is

Normand, this indeed is magnificent! Who, indeed, begins in Rio? And since we have translations in many languages, why not Rio, Lisboa, Paris Rome, Beijing, London, Bucarest, Istanbul, etc. And, since God's original Heavenletters come first in English.

Normand, would you kindly write to all the translators and ask them. This is perfect to write to all the translators who served beautifully in the past as well. If you want past addresses, I will glady send them to you, mon ami. Or you may even a more complete list than I do. God bless you for underlining this idea. :)