A Mass Initiation of Love

God said:

Whatever you are going through, no matter how difficult your life may be for you at this time, remind yourself that underlying everything is a field of peace. Within you, no matter what your circumstances, lies this peace. We can call it Vastness, Stillness, Love, Beauty, Truth, God, Allah, Jehovah, and more. There are many names I go by. By whatever name, individually or collectively, you call this field, it is the same field. This is Oneness. As I exist in your heart, so do you exist in Mine. We are of One Heart. Stay with Me.

When I say to see Me, I don’t mean literally to see, for I am formless. Your heart, however, can see. Whether you have acknowledged My Presence or not, I am here. I am here for you. I do not leave your heart no matter how far your heart may wander. You are made of My Heart, and I am incapable of leaving yours. I am God of the Universe. My love is indelible and, perhaps inscrutable to you.

If you do not presently feel love for Me, then, I ask you, feel the love in My Heart that beats for you. Don’t look for reasons not to feel My love. Don’t replicate non-love to all the human beings in the world. Don’t separate yourself from love on any pretext.

When you finish with all the flightiness in life, when you surface above the mundane world and you call out My Name by whatever name you like to call Me, I answer. A bell rings in your heart. We resonate. I am Infinity and Eternity, and so are you. One heart beats, and it is Mine. You and I have the same desire. I desire you to come to peace, and you desire My Heart to shine on you. I tell you My Heart does shine on you. Our hearts meet. I never pass you by. Sometimes you are agitated, and you don’t see Me.

Other times you continue to walk with Me as We give Our love to the world and everyone in it. Why not? And sometimes you change your mind back and forth depending – depending upon whatever standards you choose to grade Me and others on at the moment.

The thing is that I do not depend upon anything to give you My love. Would I tell you to love everyone, and I would not love everyone? It is no effort for Me.

I, God, do not make conditions for My love. I love. I have no other recourse. Just as the Sun shines and shines its rays on all, so does My love shine and shine on all. This same light is what I ask of you. No matter what you make of yourself in your own eyes, I see through Mine, and what I AM I see. I see Myself in you. I look deeply within you, and I see Myself. I am no one’s foe. This is an impossibility. I am not a fly-by-night God. In the world, things change. I am changeless. My love is changeless.

Yes, I would like you to love the Earth and all its inhabitants. Realization of the Presence of My love resounding to and from you will bring you to Truth where Goodness and Mercy and Love reign. I want you to have a loving heart. Abandoning or isolating anyone is not the way for you to nourish the love in your heart.

Accuse not yourself, for I do not accuse you. Share My love with yourself and with the world. Be the Sun in My Heart. I am not a God Who would disdain even one of My Beautiful Beings in Creation. I am God overflowing with love. I know nothing else. Come join with Me in a mass initiation of love.

What good does it do for you to make cases against your brothers and sisters? Making a case against anyone is too easy to do. Maybe you don’t like others’ looks or what they wear. This is your pettiness. Anyone can find fault with any number of things. Instead, find blessings, and bless in return.

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Gloria, I want to apologize

Gloria, I want to apologize to you and God.

I've been wrong.

I'm very sorry.


Thank you. It's forgotten,

Thank you. It's forgotten, dear.

join with Me in a mass initiation of love

I bless every Heart.
I bless every and all Creation. In every Realm and all Dimensions.
I bless my Creator.
I bless myself.
I bless every Brother and Sister.
I bless our Mother Earth.
I bless the messages and the messenger.
Let Love be full and felt in every Heart and Everywhere.
Let happy Love rise in every Heart.
There is only Love and more Love.
Spread LOVE. Spread PEACE.
Love and Peace. Love and Peace.

Come join with Me in a mass initiation of love.

"Come join with Me in a mass initiation of love." "Yes", "Yes", "Yes" Thank you for the invitation to share Love with myself and with all others in our shared diversity of Oneness. I Breathe in Peace and Compassion and I Breathe out Unconditional Love and I thank Love for Creating Life and I thank Life for Being Love.