A Little Voice within You Contradicts Your Higher Self

God said:

You would love, above all, if many of the thoughts that run through your mind would leave you alone. 

You want to be pure and true, yet your mind hassles you. It won't leave you alone. You yearn for freedom of thought, yet you too often have thoughts that you wish you would not have.

Beloveds, you want to leap over your errant mind and rise high.

You do believe that I have made you something great, and, with all your might, you want to be great and reveal the Truth of Who you are and so bless the world. You are tired of riff-raff thoughts about others – and yourself – thoughts that plague you and won't leave you alone. You no longer want to badger others in your weary mind. You deeply desire to go beyond the petty demeaning of yourself and others in your life.

You wonder how you can know as much as you do and, seemingly, be unable to live the fullness of what you know. You want the way of peace. Sometimes all you want is peace and to get beyond the remarks in your mind.

You want to be real and, certainly not merely a good show you put on. Where do your errant thoughts come from, and how can you quell them once and for all?

Tell your mind to be quiet, to stop the remarks that pop into your head. You would vanquish these thoughts if only your mind would desist. Your mind does not desist. Your mind rattles on and snipes at this one and that one. Would that your mind would give you some peace and quiet and not keep panning the world and those struggling souls in it.

You want to be filled with goodness and mercy, and yet your mind makes untoward remarks right and left. A little voice within you contradicts your Higher Self time and time again. You parody yourself. You taunt yourself with the jibes you make that would offend others and make mince pie of all that you yearn to be, and, still, the thoughts go on.

Two lines of conversation seem to go along in your mind almost at the same time. You tell yourself that you are good and kind, yet the refrain you hear says: 

"You think so? You play so."

Beloveds, an undercurrent runs through your mind. It's like you set up bowling pins only then to knock them down. You are Aeschylus of Greek mythology who must roll the log up the mountain only for it to roll down again. You keep having to start over day after day. This is how it is with your accumulated dismay at yourself. You lament the bickering that your mind seems to full of."

You call out to Me:

"Please, God. Make me of one mind. Keep my ungainly thoughts out of my mind. Make my mind one of grace. Get me out of this mental chaos I seem to be in. Help me to be one way, not two. Give me One mind. Give me One heart. Keep contradiction away from me. What is all this stuttering that my mind jabbers? I weep at the incessant verbiage that is parked in my mind. Keep out these arguments from my heart and mind. I want to be a good soul. I want, and I want, and sometimes I don't get anywhere. I find myself back where I don't want to be. Would that I could have mercy on myself and stop my mind from its nit-picking.

"God, please free me from what keeps me back from the Glory You would have me reveal. Pull out all the chaff from the wheat that I harbor within me. I am so tired of not being all or even half of what I long to be and that You wish me to be."

All right, then. I declare you free from the past and all the contradictions housed within you. I claim peace for you now. No more tyranny from the past. Starting right now, I tell you that you have nothing to do with any remnants of uncharitableness. I clear your mind of them.

From your side, if unwanted thoughts appear, go over their heads and supersede them with the thoughts you want to have. Your will is even more powerful than random unwanted thoughts that come from out of the Dark Ages of the Past.

So be it.

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God, You really know us

God, You really know us backwards and forwards, and You give us Bright Light so we can see ourselves in Your Light.


God knows us middleway, too. The front and the back don't say much, like covers of a book.

Dear A Person, would you say

Dear A Person, would you say a little more? I'm not sure what you're saying, dear one.


Now I know where compassion comes from.
How can one not be touched and moved by any individual who so earnestly
wish to go beyond and ascend to the glorious state of who he really is,
which was kept secret until the right time for revelation finally came and
GOD spoke directly to him/us. Upon learning the struggle and endless efforts
people made to try to fulfill their life purpose always makes me feel like tears
in my eyes. There is no wonder why GOD loves humanity so much and how
can we not love ourselves the same !
I have not the slightest doubt that we are blessed and we are being loved so dearly
by all the masters on the higher realms who perhaps have gone through the same
ascending process like we do right now. I believe it is this love that will eventually
melt away all the density and darkness inside of us and finally make us smile in peace.
I love you in return dear GOD.

so dearly as well.

so dearly as well.

Thank you for this message

It is exactly where I find myself to be. I think this worked for me and this issue. Thank you!

Thank you all for your

Thank you all for your comments. I believe that what you say circulates far beyond this page.

re: "Contradicting little voice.."

Oh this one came at me like a spritz of water into the eye(s.) Still got some droplets of it on my lashes. Well, thank you for this lovely, encouraging letter. God, I appreciate the clearing of my mind, and just realized that my basement has been swept, too!