A King of Consciousness

God said:

Aloha! Namaste! Greetings!

Arrivederci! Au Revoir! So Long!

Life in the world is made up of hellos and goodbyes. Temporary means there are beginnings and endings.

In Infinity, it’s different. Everything is all at once. Infinity is Fullness. Fullness is Fullness of Oneness. This is the State of Consciousness that is rumored to be Heaven and actually is.

Heaven can only be a State of Consciousness. The world has the illusion of space and time. Heaven does not. Heaven is not illusion. Heaven is the Truth of you. So Oneness is the Truth of you and the Truth of all human Beings.

We could say there are two versions of you. There is the obvious one of you housed on Earth in a body of one kind or another, and there is the subtle more savory version of you that lives Eternally in Infinity as One.

On Earth, you are squeezed into a body. You feel sequestered. Everything in the world tells you that you are separate. You may feel great loneliness, for you are adrift from your natural habitat even as you are not wholly certain that you truly exist at all. You may feel that you need protection from all the others who may ignore you or gang up on you. You are quite aware of a you and a them.

At the same time, you likely feel a kind of wanderlust, yet you do not know what it is you seek. I tell you it is your Very Self you seek. The recognition you crave is of your Very Self.

Being is incredible, and you are Incredible Being. You are Gold, yet you may see yourself as dross, a kind of leftover from another time and place. You identify yourself far from the angels. You don’t quite have the knowledge nor the courage to express and note your True Self. In a way, you are like Moses in the Bulrushes. He was taken care of, yet it wasn’t until much later that he knew who he was.

Of course, you are a Being of God. You are My Being. You are My Inheritor, and you are My Delight to Behold. I behold you. In Truth, you inherit the Kingdom of God. You are beyond Earth.

You may think of DNA as a concern for detectives or as mere TV fare.

There is a difference between a magnifying glass and a telescope. If you want a grand picture, look at Me through a telescope. Look not for Greatness in details, even as Greatness exists everywhere. The Greatness I speak of now takes a bigger picture. To look at Vastness, look with your eyes open wide. Be farsighted. Nearsidedness is of the past. Close inspection belongs to the Field of Science. You belong to the Field of Consciousness. Consciousness is My Field.

Everyone’s Consciousness comes from Me. It was My Joy to create you, yet you probably heard about Me in many ways before you became acquainted with Me. More or less, you stumbled on Me. You were on and off. You weren’t quite sure how to walk with the King of Consciousness.

You are finding out now. You are coming closer to My Vision and knowing that it is also yours. You are coming closer to realizing True Reality and accepting it as your own. Beloved, all that is Mine is yours. My Vision is yours. My Heart is yours. My Consciousness is yours. You are so near and dear to Me that it is hard for you to accept.

There is no need for you to wander off. We never say good-bye. Our Love is never breeched. Our Love is always. It never departs. It is your own heart you wring. Come. Come now into My Heart where you always are and always were. Welcome yourself. Admit yourself to Heaven right now. Feel the delight of yourself walking in and being where you truly exist. All your fuss was for nothing because now it is most assuredly your Self that you will greet.

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Such clarity!

What spectacular insight within this letter!

I find I can understand things better, though, when I translate them into my own way of understanding using my own words. Of course this letter is magnificent and needs no such translation. Perhaps my putting a short summary in the words that follow may also help someone else better wrap their mind around such powerful concepts as it contains.

My life on this earth is purposefully set up in the duality of both spirit and the physical. Part of the set-up also includes a subtle, vague longing or craving to discover Truth

Now I’m going to add some personal editorial comments based on the vision contained in this letter.

I see now that I started out completely imbedded into the physical illusions and have been searching, always, as prompted by this subtle craving. Part of the answer has been to accept these ideas intellectually, but this is only the first step. I see my life, now, as an evolutionary process of my conscious awareness and its scope. Moving towards the goal means actively applying this growing awareness within my day to day life. I learn Truth through action and experience. To me, this all implies tha my joy or my suffering are essential feedback about how I am proceeding.

This letter also guided me to list for myself some of the illusions out of which the duality was constructed: less than, greater than, separateness, time, distance and location, weakness. Of course, this list is not comprehensive, but it hits some of the most potent.

My thanks to Gloria and all who help put Heavenletters out where we can have easy access to them. May we all experience ever greater love and peace in the process.


Intellectual Acceptance

Hi Chuck,

Thanks for the clarity. Please clarify the concept of accepting ideas intellectually. I think this is a crucial concept as implies as experiencing the greatness of the God spirit. Is this similar to the idea that an ounce of action is worth a pound of theory? I think this is rooted in the concept betweem academically smart people who can convince themselves of both good and bad yet remain in the middle.

You Two Great Guys, Chuck

You Two Great Guys, Chuck and Yahweh!

Do you remember this Heavenletter?!!


Words and the intellect

Thanks, Yahweh, for your questions. Through answering them for you, it helps me clarify my own thinking further. It is as if your questions provide a new window for me to examine my own thoughts. Anyway, when I talk about accepting an idea intellectually, I mean that I find it fits well with what I already know and it “makes sense” to me from my past experiences. But I have found over and over that things that make sense at first eventually get replaced by more accurate and more helpful ideas later. The essential thing is to make use of the guidance of promising ideas through the actions I embark on in my life. When I do this and the new ideas result in experiences that feel right for me, they become a deeper level of truth. And that truth then becomes part of my life – something I “know” and don’t have to even think about any longer.

Thanks, Gloria, for directing me back to this Heavenletter. It is quite excellent and very germane to this discussion. It is saying to me that language and words are important, but also very superficial in comparison to our feelings and experiences. It is as if words are like guideposts that direct us in certain directions and to act in certain ways. Well-crafted words and concepts can carry deep insight, but it is the consciousness that crafted the words that matters and words can only pull us toward that consciousness. When we arrive at that conscious awareness, the words are no longer needed. When we arrive at our destination, the maps can be put aside.

Love and peace to all,