A Habit of Fear

God said:

When you feel a nudge of fear, you feel dread. You feel the fear itself and then there is an extra lurch of recognition that fear has come again, so now you have fear and you have dread. You dread because you interpret the re-occasion of fear as a signaler of truth. Sometimes, often, fear is your own fear of change. You have become like Pavlov's dog. You respond to the bell of fear by backing away. You back away from fear rather than toward something.

The fear you feel is a habit. It is a conditioned reflex. You do not have to experience fear. Have you not had enough? When is it enough?

Interpret fear differently. Do not make it your master.

Intuition is not fear. That is your misinterpretation. You so often think of fear as intuition telling you not to do something. You don't have to do everything you think of, but fear is not a good guide. It is a good detractor.

Translate intuition as a do-sayer. Let intuition guide you to something. Let it be a light ahead of you, not a buzzer that stops you.

Only you do not always hear your intuition, and you do not always harken to it when you do.

If you did not always think to the past, your intuition would be clearer. You would know the difference between impulse and intuition. You would know the difference between following your heart and listening to fear.

Look, do not even fear fear, not that you have to be fearless. You do not have to be undaunted. But you don't have to be daunted either.

You do not have to turn from every fear, nor do you have to master it. Just do not give fear such power as you have. You do not need to tremble in your boots at fear. Fear is neither friend nor enemy. Fear is a conclusion of thought.

How many times do you have to relive the past in one form or another? What if you had been born to a world where fear did not exist? Fear does not have its own existence. It is something magnified in the minds of men. Fear is something you attribute.

I say, "Fear not. I am with you." But you look at a specific event, and wonder where I am.

You think I advise you to deny fear as if you don't have any. I advise you to stop idolizing it. Have you not believed fear over Me? Have you not listened to fear more than you have listened to Me. Have you not looked for fear more than you have looked for Me?

Honor no other gods before Me. Certainly not fear. Hallowed be My Name. It is hallowed because I am the Wholeness of Truth. Fear has only a name. It has no identity. Fear is the bogeyman, and he has had his way with you.

Do not run away from fear. Do not obey it either. Consider fear as some junk mail that has come to you. Read it or not. Keep it or not. Throw it away or not. Fear is a casual visitor. It is not the mighty measure of you. You need neither prove it nor disprove it.

Consider fear a passerby. Consider it as footsteps that seem to follow you. But you do not need to fear the footsteps.

Yes, indeed, you have made a god of fear. That is the same as making a god of safety. The world makes money off your fears.

You do not have to support fear. Fear does not have to abscond with you. It is not your kidnapper. Reduce fear to size.