A Golden Sun That Shines on All

God said:

All Our talks are heart to heart, from your heart to Mine, from My heart to yours. It is from love that We speak. May all your words always ever to anyone and everyone come from your heart, for hearts are made from the gold of My heart.

The chambers of your heart have an echo. The chambers of your heart echo My heart, My love, and all My love is yours. You relay My love. Come, let Us right now, remove clouds from your heart. Let your hearts be filled with blue skies, cheerful skies, ebullience, good will toward all men.

You can do it. Because your heart has in the past held antagonism and such does not mean that it has to now. I banish from your heart anything that is not love. Anything that does not resemble My love doesn’t belong in your heart. Anything in your heart that is not love is a foreign object. It has no business being inserted into your heart.

Your heart is meant to be a welcomer of all. Your heart is not to be shrouded with anything that is not the Light of Love.

Admit everyone into your heart and allow no malice to barge in or to sneak in. Allow nothing to enter your heart that is not love.

Your heart is meant to embrace not one, not two, not twenty-two, not a hundred, not a thousand, but all. There is no place in your heart for discrimination. You call discrimination discernment but that is because you pull the wool over your eyes. What you see as discernment or clear thinking is an excuse you make to justify any amount of hardness in your heart. You always want to be right, and so you make excuses for yourself. Be light, and then you are right.

Just calmly, quietly, tell even the slightest negativity in your heart that it is to catch the next train out. Tell negativity that it has come to the wrong place. Tell negativity that it must leave and not come back again. Whatever negativity’s justification, it’s not for you to buy into.

I gave you My pure heart. Why would you settle for anything less? I am talking about your birthright. You have every right to carry the light of love in your heart. It is not your birthright to carry negativity.

Well, I almost forgot. I suppose you do have the right because I gave you free will. Therefore, you have every right. Nevertheless, I ask you: Why would you want to carry even the slightest negativity in your heart? Negativity is misplaced. No longer justify it.

You don’t even want two cents’ worth of negativity in your warm palpable heart. Your heart is meant to be a safe nest of love, a safe harbor for all sailors who sail the sea of life in the world. And everyone in the world is a sailor of life, pulled in and pulled out by the tide. Let other hearts moor at your heart. If this has not been the case, what have you been thinking?

Your life on Earth is an instant. Pure love in your heart is of the essence. Do not put off pure total love for one minute more. The time to love is now. Your heart is definitely not meant to be a cauldron of spite or retaliation or anything at all but My love.

You can do it. You can. You can gently remove all negativity, and then there won’t be any negativity left in your heart, your heart of Mine. Your heart will be a golden sun that shines on all.

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an bless as all

be love Gloria
i am deep thankfulnes of your wonderful masseges
its hurd to belive, but i am belive you its the big gift God he given
to me to know who i am and i belive so my self to,
some people the give me know the same messeges like
you given to me i am thanfulness of God love and you
be love Gloria and bless as all