A Gift for You

God said:

To each his own. It is said that what life hands to you is what you are handed.

I say: “Beloved, make of life what you and I will.”

Instead of disturbance or perturbance, take another look at life. Give life a chance. Life contains more than one ingredient. Take a second look at the ingredients you see. Give a shot at rearranging the ingredients. See what a variety of delicious pies you can make from the very same ingredients. Many choices of pies are also possible! Hey, instead of being disgruntled, find joy right in front of you.

Or, We can say that life appears to you in varied costumes. Try on another costume. Turn a costume around somehow or turn a costume upside down or turn it inside out. What else might you make of it? Make it in a new material or new color. Have a good time with a redesign.

Perhaps, as you received life yesterday or today, it arrived in unsuitable packaging. Turn the package around and see it from another angle. Redirect the angle from which you review the packaging. All isn’t always what you first make of it. Life may not be as marvelous as you first see it. The reverse is also true. Life may not be as unforgiving as the way you first see it.

Has this not happened in your life already? Perhaps someone sent you a gift. At first glance, you were sure this gift didn’t arrive according to your taste. You had no clue as to how you would ever integrate this particular gift into your life. No way. You were certain you that would not. Then, lo and behold, you find yourself often using the gift distant Aunt Isabel sent and, after all, you are glad of it. Let’s say that you received a knitting pattern and a pair of knitting needles. This was the extent to which you saw the gift. You began to dream of beautiful blue yarn and then a sweater you could make of it.

Yes, it appears that a gift is what you make of it. Soon enough, you manifest a lovely warm blue sweater entirely to your liking.

Come to think of it, your life has held surprises like this from time to time. You have wanted life to inspire you. Life is also for you to inspire, and why not? There is more than one step to take. For instance, the world is made of many languages. Go ahead, learn more than one language. Your choice. When you move to another country, likely you have made a choice. You may say then that this isn’t exactly a choice, but a necessity. Then, you chose a necessity.

It can also be that life holds more for you up its sleeve than you had given a thought to.

There is more than one choice of flour these days from which to bake bread, and more than you had ever heard of before. In fact, there is more under the Sun that is new than you had realized.

Your thoughts are not obliged to ramble on as if you have no say. When your life is a course for you to follow, then follow it. See where life takes you. What can you not discover when you earnestly open your heart?

Bewilderment doesn’t last forever. There is more to life than you have yet seen. There is no end to surprises before you, yet there is an end to the concept of calamity.

Go ahead, install joy into your computer. When you start up your computer in the morning, discover what life opens up before your very eyes. Be My Guest. Here is a welcome mat I lay down for you. Come. Come with Me. Here is My hand. Take it. Open up the Universe. Know My gratitude, Bright Eyes.

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Imagine if the person reading this was being mock executed aka executed?

Dear Magine, hmmm, I wonder

Dear Magine, hmmm, I wonder if this is the case. If life is illusion, must be so. Celebrations as well?