A Dream of Otherwise

God said:

Oneness takes on a new meaning now. I talk to Myself. There is no one else to talk to except as I breathed out the world from My mouth. I am still exhaling the world and all its content from My mouth that encompasses All, even as there is nothing to encompass.

Creation is like words that become the thing they represent, and yet words are words, and Creation is formed from thought, My thought, but not really, for Creation is love aspirated. All these bubbles come from My mouth, and these bubbles are the world in theater, the world as you know it. The world is a pretend thing. The world has all these shapes and differences, and yet they are only seeming, for there is naught but Oneness in the world, and Oneness is Love. Oneness cannot, in Truth, be anything but love. Oneness means love.

Love is Union. We, even though there is no We, are a Union of Oneness. All love is Mine, and you are Mine in that We are One and the Same. I AM One, appearing as many, appearing as many who are rushing around in all imagined endeavors, trying to find themselves, their One Self Who is I. You are on skirmishes.

What the physical does is interrupt the perception of Our Oneness, My Oneness, by the seeming you. Perception does not exist in Heaven. In Heaven, there is knowing. There is Oneness without all the perceived cloaks and daggers. There is Oneness. Hear My hum. It is Mine, and you are not separate from it except in your perception.

Your supposed body is not a replica of Me. Your soul is Mine, and I am yours. I am more than yours. I AM I, and you are I too. Words go only so far. There are no words to signify Oneness. Well, yes, there are words, and, yet, as soon as there are words, then you and I (the imagined We) speak of you and Me as separate Beings. I am talking to Myself, for I am All, and you, in words, are the All of Me. But, of course, I am speaking to Myself, for I am all that exists.

I draw pictures, and there is a seeming you, while you who are really I, and you think you are on the outskirts of Heaven. You (who is not you at all) think that you are far-flung from Heaven. As amazing as it is, you, the so-called you, believe in apartness. I am One alone, and I never feel alone. The seeming you, in your belief of disparity, feel alone. In the midst of company of Oneness in other shapes and forms, you feel alone, and you even feel separated from Me, Who is your Very Self.

Such drama goes on when, in Reality, there is no place for drama to go on. There is the Stillness and Immutable Love of a state of consciousness I call Heaven or whatever name in any language and you, the non-existent you, also called Heaven or by what name you do call it. Living in the physical realm, you Who are really I, mislead yourself. Nevertheless, even as you are misled, even as you clutch at straws instead of stars, you come to find your One Self Who Is I, and so the game goes on, and yet there is no game, for games exist only in space and time. Outside of space and time exists Reality, and Reality is Oneness. Reality is I.

And I am laughing and have never stopped the fullness of laughter issuing from My heart of love, and I ask you, the supposed you, to laugh along with Me, for I am Love, beloveds, and you are Love, for Love alone is. I am the Great Oneness of Love, and, therefore, so are you. I am you, so, therefore, I am only I, and so I talk to Myself and you only dream a dream of otherwise.

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I have to say it. I love

I have to say it. I love this Heavenletter. It takes me around in some kind of circle that I'm happy to go around in. I think I shall always remember the title.

Precious Gloria invites us onto God's Carousal of love

Sweet One I join you on the beautiful Circle of God's love.


the Great Oneness of Love

Thank you my Father for this wonderful explanation of the mystery of You - All That Is.

This is just confirming to each Human that ALL IS WELL.

If only our Leaders of the World could just grasp the fullness and truth of this complexity then they would/could come together to implement and shape the Economy, the Work Place,Relationships and the Entire World itself to serve all Humans meaningfully.

All that is required is for the Human to move to the level where you can see the wholeness and beauty of Oneness.

See the diversity of humans as confluence and congruence of The Creator's prismatic reflection.

How can this be done? Through our school curriculum.

Begin with intelligent teaching of 'Do unto Others"

This message should be sent to all The World Leaders and those that are in position of Authority who make any kind of decision that affects the Human.

We are all in this together and should find solutions to better our World and our Lives.

Create beauty and comfort in everything we do that shows that Humans are indeed very intelligent!

This is what our Forefathers wanted.This is no pipe dream and the sooner we begin on this path the quicker our World emblazon.

Love to all Hearts.
Love to all of Creation


Victor your words are LIFE, love and direction.

You say the love filled truth by writing:

"Do away with all Religions or other Instituations that breeds SEPERATION and islandic-piece instead of WHOLENESS and UNIVERSALITY.....
All that is required is for the Human to move to the level where you can see the wholeness and beauty of Oneness."

We must take this love in with a whole heart.


God sweetly says: "I draw pictures, and there is a seeming you"

This is a very important Heaven Letter. It speaks words of TRUTH that are deep and almost impenetrable but so very important. This Letter is very high and speaks words that can bring you very high, but you can't do mental gymnastics to make them real. Get very quiet in your heart so God can give you the insides of this love letter to you.



wow! have never heard it put quite this way. But i have to say that the 'Oneness' thing made more sense as i read this..thank you

Thank you, Carla. Come back

Thank you, Carla. Come back here, okay?