A Divine Rainbow Powered by the Sun

God said:

All you have to do is to be with Me. Being with Me is Being. Being is like a platform you stand on. Being isn't doing. From this platform of Being, you are. All you have to do is to be with Me. There is no doing to do. There is Being to Be, which you already are. You just don't see what is in front of you. You may glance askew.

You do not have to stand on tip-toes to be with Me. It is not a far-reach to be with Me. If I am Omnipresent, I am right with you. Ah, yes, you think of Me as separate from you. So you see Me outside you. Outside you means apart from you. Likely, the image you have of Us is not exactly true.

You can call Me a Partner with you. Therefore, you are also a Partner with Me. Funny, the more you seek Me as if away from you, separated from you, the more self-absorbed you may be. Too finite, it would seem. Too finite for words, that is.

The world uses words such as farther and closer, yet there is no distance between Us. You may feel that, yet feelings, as real as they may illustriously seem to you, are not real. They are a fancy you have adopted as real. You call your feelings real. You have assumed these feelings. You wear these as due you. Anyway, these feelings are not your reality. I am your Reality. You have applied your feelings to the top side of you. Feelings, no matter how important to you, are no more than a little varnish on wood. Varnish is not the wood. Varnish is only a little film that is painted on the wood. Varnish is hardly the wood itself.

You play peek-a-boo with yourself. You would deny your True Self to yourself and others. You have a certain comfort in putting your True Self off limits. Good Heavens, what if you really are Greatness! What might be expected of you? Trust yourself, and you will be having trust in Me. What's the difference between you and Me? Well, I know Who I AM. You may think you are nothing at all, when you are Intelligence and Heart Supreme.

Existence is proof itself of more than the eye can see.

Sherlock Holmes himself would say you look askance at clues. You yourself are the only proof you need. The Truth is that you are contained within a physical body. You may look at the container that holds you more than you look at the heart of the matter. Boys and girls, I am contained within you whether you like it or not.

You may prefer an illusion of yourself over the Reality of your Self and the Reality of what you truly are made of. You are made of My Love. You are made of My Love, and My Love pursues you as well.

You may not yet be aware that you seek Me, yet you do always have your eye and your hand out for a blessing. That fact is, with or without your awareness, that which you seek also seeks you. You who may be searching all over the place are also the Sought. You are what you are looking for. And you will find your Self. You may come across your Self in the dark, as it were, the last to know, yet you will be lit up, for you, My child, are indeed the Light.

Or, we can say that you are a Divine Rainbow Powered by the Sun, identified by God as His Son or Daughter or even as His Very Soul shining in the sky and on Earth. You are everywhere that exists, whether you consciously see it or not.

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Divine Rainbow Powered by the Sun

It's time to tell you again how precious these Heaven Letters are. I would be lonely without the daily gift of their lift. Especially now, while in a personal health challenge. When fear and despair hound me and it's so vital to keep my spirits high. Heaven Letters do that. Thank you.


Every time I see a rainbow I know it was created for me and I delight in its company. It is with great Love and Compassion that I Command everything that I have been programmed to believe since birth be permanently deleted from the Heart and Soul of Humanity, here as I AM Now. And with Divine Faith, Love, Strength and Wisdom I call forth every particle and wave of Precious Life Energy to Know Itself as Unconditonal Love, here as I AM Now. And so it Is and so we Be, happy in God's Company.

Beloved Joyce and Christine,

Beloved Joyce and Christine, you are angels on Earth here to bless us all. Thank you.