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328 years ago... And we can still hear it.

Put your speakers on and click the link below to listen to this piece of music :

This very famous piece of classical music was written around 1680 by Johann Pachelbel. It's called Canon in D major.

Wonderful isn't it ? And we can still hear it and even share it. :-)

Can you feel ? Cand you hear God's love ?

So so beautiful CC! Thank

So so beautiful CC!

Thank you so much for bringing it back to my attention.
It is one of my favourite pieces of music, and I have it here at home,
but haven't listened to it for quite a while!

Sometimes, I get so wrapped up in my own music, that I forget to listen to my classical collections!

The Love of God fills every single note, and as we listen, it fills us too.

Music has no boundaries. It is 'heard' in every tongue!

Thanks again CC!

In Love Joy and gratitude



Music has no boundaries. It

Music has no boundaries. It is 'heard' in every tongue!

So true !

To me, music is a language of the soul.

Much love,


It sure is CC! Music is

It sure is CC!

Music is beyond words, and 'speaks' to us in feelings!
One of my compositions is entitled "Let Music Be The Word Of God"

I have also found a wondrous piece of music, which I'm sure you would enjoy.
It always brings tears of love & joy, and a deep inner 'knowingness' to me whenever I listen to it.
I'll go and find the name and the link and let you have it later.

Love Mary


I've found it CC... It is

I've found it CC...

It is entitled: "Tzadik ke Tamar Ifrach"

and can be found here...
It is #16 in the instrumental section

There are also two videos you can watch if you wish, entitled "Music of The Upper Worlds"
which you can find here...

I first heard this beauitful melody, whilst watching their 'Music of The Upper Worlds' video,
and immediately fell in love with it, so then I searched for a recording of it on their site.
There are two or three diferent versions of it, but this one is my favourite.
You can download it if you wish.




Very peaceful music ! And

Very peaceful music !

And the video is very interesting.

Thank you so much for sharing.

Blessings and love,


Pachelbel's Canon, an all

Pachelbel's Canon, an all time favourite! Thank you for sharing it, Cedric!

This is a piece of music that reaches deep within and so does some other music over the ages. As there is "Godwriting" or divinely inspired written forms, there is for sure divinely inspired music. I wondered about that for a while and now, I would like to ask you and Mary, who compose music: how does the music come to you? Is it a similar process then the divinely inspired words, like being a scribe?

The same could be said or asked about art. Recently Akiane has come to our attention and she openly says that her work comes from God and that she often doesn’t know what will manifest on her canvas.

I find it fascinating to witness God in these many forms!
Thanks again! :wub:

Hi Xenia! When I compose my

Hi Xenia!

When I compose my music, I have absolutely no idea what is going to come through!
I do not 'hear' it in my head first.
I simply sit at my (music) keyboard, with a manuscript pad on my knee, and a pencil.
(I do it the old fashioned way, and not on my computer. I was classically trained many many years ago!)
I then place my hands on the keyboard, and 'play' and a melody is born.
I play a bit and stop to write it down, and then when I get to the end, I go back to the beginning and put in the counterpart in the same fashion. I then go back to the beginning again and multi track myself, adding in 'extra bits' 'till I am happy with it, then I change the sounds (I compose in piano mode initially) to whatever I want it to sound like. When it's all to my liking I record it!

With my poetry though, I do it two different ways. I either consciously 'desire' to write about a particular subject, and so it just flows forth, or I receive 'thoughts' into my head out of the blue as it were, and I just flow with them, writing them down as they arrive. I have umpteen notebooks all around the house, so that there is always one handy!

So I suppose you could say that I 'God write' in sound and rhyme!

Thanks for your interest Beloved Sister




PS In the world of Spirit, sound and ryhme originate from the same 'region'. They are 'linked' together, as it were!
I sometimes make songs out of my poems too, by setting them to music!

Simply wonderful !!! Thanks

Simply wonderful !!! Thanks for sharing this so openly, God is really a most amazing Creator and you a most sweet and beautiful instrument in His loving hands !!
You heart and being is "simply" tuned to God, that's the wonderful magic.

Thanks for being a most tender creative Angel !


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:wub: :wub: :wub:

Fascinating! Thank you dear

Fascinating! Thank you dear Mary, for the answer to my questions!

It must be thrilling to tap into the invisible, not knowing what is going to come through and be part of creation, be it in music or in prose.

You gave a very good explanation, at least one that I could understand because; I’ve always wondered how musicians compose, especially from the inner ear or keyboard to paper. I didn’t realize that there were so many steps to it. Must be wonderful to tap into higher realms.

It is new to me, but doesn’t surprise me that: “In the world of Spirit, sound and ryhme originate from the same 'region'. They are 'linked' together, as it were!”

I honour you for your talents and grateful to you for sharing them with us!

This is only how I myself do

This is only how I myself do it Xenia.
Some people just play the whole thing as they 'hear' it and/or feel it, straight into a computer.
Others make it up as they go along.
And I guess there are many other ways too!

"Music and poetry are two expressions of the same region, of the Soul and Spirit."
From Omraam Mikkhael Aivanhov's book entitled: 'Creation: Artsitic and Spiritual'

Much Love to you Beloved Sister



Dear Xenia, I'm sorry for

Dear Xenia,

I'm sorry for this late reply. I wasn't home for a few days and couldn't access to the Internet.

However, I see Mary started to give a reply for me. Indeed, she wrote :

Some people just play the whole thing as they 'hear' it and/or feel it, straight into a computer.

Dear Mary, you sum it up so well. That's exactly what I do most of the time when I'm making music.

What happens is that sometimes I've got an entire piece of music coming into my head. This can happen during daydreams. This can also happen while deeply asleep, in the middle of a dream, and then I would wake up and rush to my computer to write it down before I forget any single note.
I think it's very similar to the way we dream using images and visions, except here the raw material is made of sounds and instruments.

Sometimes the creation process is quite different. At these times I won't have any clue of what I will compose. For example I just want to share a feeling or make a certain style of music. I start writing down a few notes, or creating a beat, and then I can feel inspired or not. So I just erase what I don't like and start over. This way of making music is to me more similar to modeling clay. It's music in a sculpture way.

Most of the time, both ways of creating music meet each other. For example I just have in mind the beginning of a piece of music and then I have to finish it "on my own" in the "sculpture" way. Or, on the contrary, I start "modeling" a new piece of music from scratch and then, the inspiration for the whole end will gently flow after sleeping or daydreaming.

Dear Xenia, I see you asked another very interesting question here :

Is it a similar process then the divinely inspired words, like being a scribe?

Yes it is, for me, when I compose from the "dream" mode, i.e. when the whole piece of music comes from a kind of daydream state. However, in the case of "divinely inspired words" as you said, all the words don't come to me before I write them down. The process of receiving and writing is simultaneous, yet while writing down I have to take some little breaks during a few seconds, I would qualify it as a kind of "breathing".

Thank you very much, dear Xenia, for giving me the opportunity to share these little "slices of life" which are very meaningful and very important to me.

Much love to you and to all participants bringing their own notes to the wonderful melody of this topic,


Welcome back Cédric! I find

Welcome back Cédric!

I find it very interesting to now, hear your creative processes. Especially, about the music coming to you during daydreams or in dreams at night. I find that fascinating! Isn’t this also the state, in which some inventors have acquired their discoveries?
When it comes to comparing it with your divine writings, I understand now the difference.

You explained very well your other approaches to create music and I liked your comparison to sculpture with modeling clay, it makes sense to me.

Between your explanations and those of Mary, I realize that there is not one specific method, but many and probably many more, depending on the creator.

Thank you so much for ‘enlightening’ me/us and sharing this part of your life! May you, dear Cédric, have many, many hours of enjoyment in your musical endeavors!