You Are My Beloved

God said:

Life is out of sight. Dimensions of Life are out of sight. Unless you see all, you see only part. Nevertheless, even if you can't see all, you can know all. There is within you a talisman that goes far beyond your intellect. You can accept all I say. You can believe all I say.

You can believe that you live in a Universe vaster than you have any idea of. You can outdo all your past knowing and all your past ignorance and return to your original innocence that is wise beyond intellect. Intellect can scoff even at a wonder.

You are a wonder. Everyone on Earth is a wonder. You are wondrous. You are a Masterpiece of My Art that I created free-form. There is no one else on Earth like you. There is no one person in all the world like you. There never was another one just like you, and there will never be again. Think of it, no two snowflakes are alike. What Wondrousness then, can you not be?

Neither individuality nor universality is to be taken as so-so. If there is more than mortar and tendon that go into the making of a building, there is greater that goes into the making of a new human Being. No matter how many babies are born in a day, there are no assembly lines. There is uniqueness innumerable times a day. This is not new. This has never been otherwise.

There is Splendor of Oneness, and there is Splendor of Variety. They are all wrapped into One. All from the same Source return to the same Source. In between, there are stories told ad infinitum, no two stories the same, yet all the same, a human Being strung out on the stars, a miracle beyond exception. The Fabulousness of Creation is not always noted nor always sung, yet Created Beings can be recognized as the Great Gift they are. Recognize.

How can it be that human Beings are taken for granted and itemized in certain boxes? There can be no ho hum about being a God-given Being, crafted by God and crafted for God from extraordinary fairy dust, as it were, mixed with ordinary dust, revealing the Glory of God as easily as falling off a chair.

Beloveds, there is no oblivion. There is only God's Artistic Bent unseen, kept in anonymity, each miracle unrecorded and unnoticed honorably, as if a Creation of God's can fall into disarray. On Earth, some kind of sham goes on, for Splendor is too often not given grace by the populace, as if Splendor can be muted, as if such an Array of Radiance overlooked is reduced to being worth nothing at all, not even a song.

What can be going on here? What is going on here? A miracle birth is not noticed? A miracle birth is marked off as ordinary, as if there were no miracle at all? I created miracles, and I meant every birth to be honored, not just at birth but throughout his Life, certainly not unrecognized and not made much of.

Not all Trees of Life are given honor or even a glance. Not all are watered. Not all are admired. Not all recognize themselves in the Mirror of My Light. There is not one that I miss. I see the same Bright Light in all, and what I see is My Self.

I look for My Self and I see My Self. I created Godlike Beings in the form of human Beings.

As I, God, set out on a Journey in the World as a baby, I may be unnoticed and certainly not recognized in all My Glory. On a scale such as the Earth holds, far worse is it for the Children of Earth who do not recognize their own worth. I wish every single child of Mine to see himself or herself as I do see, and, then, no one will hold himself higher or lesser than another. All are equal in My eyes. Each is My Beloved.