You Are Doing Fine

God said:

Of course, life is a wave. With each generation, life blazes forth, a new wave, flowing. The backward stroke of a wave takes you forward. It pushes you forward. Without it, you could not go forward.

You have the energy of the entire universe urging you forward. There is not a step of yours that does not take you forward.

When you trip, you fall forward. No matter what, you are moving forward. If you back-step, then you can take a running jump ahead.

Even when you fall, there is great purpose in it. When you fall down, then you know to pick yourself up. Otherwise, you might meander in a meadow of daisies and be content to pick them forever. You would have a great bouquet. And then what would you do with this bouquet? Where would you put it? You might just lay it down and pick more of the same.

It is good to pick, and it is also good to plant.

It is very good to pick flowers and pluck fruit from a tree, but that is not your life's work. Throw an apricot pit far. It will land somewhere. And from it a tree will grow.

You are like a tree. Trees grow wherever they are. And so do you. In oasis or desert, you grow. Nothing can stop your growth. Not even you can stop it.

Survival is not enough. You don't really want to just tread water. Whatever your eye falls on, you want it. When you are drawn, go there, even if you are disappointed. Your disappointment will lead you somewhere. It will even lead you to Me.

You are someone who cannot stay in one place. You are on earth to move. You can stay idle for only so long. You move, or you will be moved. You have no choice but to progress. Even when it does not seem like progress, you are progressing. You are one who progresses.

Your mind does not have to assimilate your growth. Indeed, often the mind cannot. The mind does not have to assimilate, nor does it have to know your direction.

Your path in life is not a thought-out thing. It is not a prescription. You have to forge your own path, and that is what you are doing.

Who said you could not stumble? Who said you had to know everything in advance? Who said you had to compare anything to anything?

Who said you had to keep score, slowing yourself down. Your purpose in life is not to be a score-keeper. Count not the steps you have taken, but keep on moving right along.

You will have many people telling you what to do. And sometimes they are correct, sometimes not. The same goes for you. You cannot know ahead of time. All you can do is set out.

You are on an unfathomable journey. The map is sealed in your heart. Your heart will lead you. It cannot divulge everything to you, but yet it moves you forward.

You are writing your own story as you go along. You ad lib. What else can you do? And sometimes from your mouth comes Truth.

Within your heart, Truth is always. You are a conveyer of Truth. Truth is conveyed through you. Even amidst fantasy, you convey Truth.

Have confidence in yourself, for you are a deep Knower. You are finding out what you know. You call that learning. It is Self-Discovery.

You will discover treasures along the way, and you will begin to see Who you are now, right now, wherever your body is, whatever your thoughts are, wherever you have been, whatever you have been doing, and your eyes will open wider and you will begin to acknowledge the greatness that you have always been. I proclaim you great. Accept your nobility.