You Are as Fine as a Star That Twinkles in the Heavens

God said:

Beloved, life does not seem to want to be pinned down. It wants to roam the range. Naturally, you want life to be hail-fellow well-met. Instead, life seems too often to be like a pig-in-a-poke. What a fine kettle of fish life is. Did your life happen to skid on a banana peel?

You may wonder what all the fuss is about. What is this attention on landing at a destination about? You might as well relax in the first place. It’s okay to keep rising and not have to plop down somewhere. You don’t have to nail yourself down. Life just keeps rolling around like clouds in the sky, and life is like a well in the country that just fills up to the brim. Hail to life!

Does it matter if you walk upright and spin around and be amazed and keep wondering at what seems to be going on while you gasp for breath? What information must you leave for your grandchildren to know about you after you toddle off from earth? What is the importance of what you stomp your foot about today? Does life have to be a package you tie up with a ribbon, beloved?

Take My Word for it that We are all One. What is this big need to differentiate one angel from another and sprout different wings and what different stories to tell all over the place and nail everything down? It’s okay for you to float and consider yourself dispersing in air. The sun rises. Dust settles. All is well. Nothing is amiss except your consternation.

If you didn’t have so many questions, would you crave so many answers?

Does peace amount to so many questions being erased? Who says that life is a puzzle that must be answered right away? Why wouldn’t it be all right to be Heavenbound and this to be enough? I say Heaven is undeniable. I say Heaven is inevitable.

No one is overlooked in Heaven. You will land lightly in Heaven and be reassured once and for all. You will return Home and be welcomed as ever. You will bounce on air. You will rise to all the heights imaginable. You are to the manor born. You land exactly where you are supposed to. Start smiling now. There are no tests you are bound to take. Flowers bloom as ever. Petals open. All is well in Heaven and on Earth, and you are as fine as any star that twinkles in the Heavens.

You speculate whirlwinds and pockets with holes in them and bedazzled hearts hoping above hope for something not quite yet discernible. You ask yourself why it all matters so much that you must carry hope even at the same time you hang on to the idea that all is lost. Beloved, truth is endless. Truth cannot be lost.

All returns to its origin. It isn’t that hope springs eternal. It is life that springs eternal. It’s okay to jump into life. Dive in. The swimming is fine. Stars sparkle. There is room for all. No one is denied. All are welcomed. There is no need for you to worry about your having to be protected.

My love protects you. You tend to look for measurements when love has none. Love never runs out. Love is immeasurable. There is no hole in the bottom of the bag of love. Love is effervescent and evermore.

You seek for the real world without awareness of what real means. Real isn’t outlined. Real is bountiful. There is no end to the meaning of truth, yet Truth is eternal, and so are you. Therefore, Truth is measureless. There is no ladle big enough to fill the bowl of life, for life is already brimming over with love.