God said:

What do disagreements do but force you to let go of something you have been holding on to — an idea or expectation, something that you thought was yours to hold? You thought that a concept you held had something to do with you, as though one who disagreed with you took something away from you.

You thought you were right, and someone else thought he was right, and you both felt opposed.

A disagreement is just a fragment in space and time. A disagreement is an excuse for you to feel fraught. You feel fraught first and then find a disagreement to justify your fraughtness. You shadow-box.

You think you are very sure, but you really waver. The surer you are, probably the more you're not, or else the issue would not be so important to you.

For some of My children, it's fun to argue. For others it is not. In either case, you get caught in words.

Words are the dueling swords of argument.

I want to tell you: words are nothing at all. They are will-o'-the-wisps.

Sometimes words represent truth. Often they do not.

How many times have the words "I love you" been said when they were not truth? Truth does not have to be said. In fact, Truth cannot be spoken. Only a facsimile of Truth can be spoken. And Truth is not argued. Ego is.

Your disputes are a front for you. You hide behind them. Perhaps all your life has been a masked ball. You were hiding there from yourself. You didn't know who you were.

At the same time, you knew you were not merely your disguise. And now you certainly know you are more.

You scramble yourself when there is emotional dispute. You try to disappear, to lose yourself in the argument. And you also try to make the other disappear because you do not want to be opposed.

You try to make yourself the heir apparent by dethroning another.

Gravitate towards your happiness, not your unhappiness.

At the same time, friction smoothes you out. It is abrasion. It files down some rough edges. It also wears you out, and it wears you down.

Everyone does not have to think or feel the way you do. Everyone will not.

The best thinkers in the world have been opposed.

But do not fight.

Just carry on in what feels right to you. Keep your eye on your target.

The time will come when you can only do that which creates harmony. The time will come when you cannot err. You will feel too much discomfort if you do, so you won't. And you will feel joyous when you make harmony, whistling a tune, your hands in your pocket, having decided to come along with Me.

It is I you have really been fighting. You have wanted to take over. You have wanted your voice stronger than Mine. You have wanted to be heard. You have wanted to make a statement of yourself. You wanted to be your own sovereign when all the time the Kingdom was yours.

When you think of it, don't you laugh at yourself for fighting Me? You fight the one Who loves you the most. You fight for the sake of fighting. What is there for you to win? Would you fight My giving? Would you say no for the sake of saying no?

What fuss is this that you make? And Whom do you make it with?

What is it that you really want? To win an argument?

Better to want more than that. Want something for something. Want enough. Want more.

When you are in a position of strength, you do not have to take a stand. If you already have a stand, you do not have to assume it.

The strongest are the most giving and the most tender.

You are tired of skirmishes.

You do not want to fight any longer.

Instead of fighting, receive.

Instead of barricading your door, open it.

Instead of defending yourself, bend.

Instead of defaming yourself, exalt.

Go higher. Reach another rung in the ladder. Reach all the way to Me.


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