Why Grumble?

God said:

I am a constituent of you. I constitute you. When you feel away from Me, it is pure illusion. The idea of distance from Me could not be further from the truth. You are a holy being, and I am the Holiness of you. You only think I am something you reach up for.

Were you in your natural state, fully as you are without interference from your wild intellect, you would know that the waves of your heart swell from My stirring within you.

Where did you think you were from?

Is your ego so large that you think you created yourself? You took birth, but it was given to you. You emerged from the vastness of My solid heart. I say solid because My heart does not waver. My heart is very confident in you and never strays.

If you could hold onto that one thought of My loyalty rather than your voluminous other thoughts, negativity would vanish; it exists only in thought.

You have been holding on to the concept of opposition. You have wooed it. You have called it other names. You have called it other people. You have called it devil. But it is you who has been opposed to yourself. You have inserted yourself between your true self and Me. You have made yourself a warrior of life like a football player on a football field.

Is it not true that you have thought life is some kind of battlefield or hard taffy that you must wrench?

You cannot choose all the roads of your life, but you can be your true self no matter what terrain you walk on. You do not have to fight brambles and enmesh yourself further in them. You do not have to bemoan hills you have to climb or the vales of life. Can there be hills or dales without the other?

Why grumble?

Do you really want your life to be an even plane? I tell you, it will not be, but you can be the evenness that walks on any road. Your gait is either the magnificence or the obstacle, not what you walk on.

You lay out the world before you. You have chosen to walk on it. Stumbling is illusion. You see before you a bumpy road of success or failure, when neither is the case. It is just road before you, and you walking on it.

When you enter a mansion, it is still you entering the mansion.

All that befalls in life is merely a banister that your hand holds on to in passing. Your manifested life is a touchstone, but you are far more than what your hands or feet lean on or rest on. You are the mainstay of your life, and I am your Foundation. The ground you walk on is not. You are the walker of your life. What you walk on is not the making or unmaking of you. Wouldn't that be a silly thought?

You can think of Me as your Defender, but you need no defense any more than you need an opponent. What can be the opposite of you when there is only you and I? What can be opposed to you.

You have turned your fears into shadows and called them the enemy. Indeed your fears are your enemy because you let them rule you. Be your own ruler. Cast out fear because it is only dark imaginings. Be your own object of love and come to Me right now in the secret places of your heart, and, once and for all, claim Me as your truth and abundance.