Whose Life is This?

God said:

Beloved, from Heaven, you came to Earth. You have been on an adventure day and night, awake and asleep. You sure haven’t been stuck in one place. We, you and I as One, dance through the horizon, and We dance for joy. You and I swing as One. We dance non-stop with exhilaration. Our One Heart dances to beat the band and to elevate Earth.

“God, I ask you: You know the extent to which I can leap? Why do the imagined others in the world seem to know what I should do and believe, and they know limits to set on me and where to skip over me?

“When I say I require help, I will ask.

“When I cry out: “I can't find my way,” why do others not see me as knowing? Why do others in the world believe they have the last word to say about me? Sometimes I feel so stifled and so and feel so desirous of being seen and heard.

“It seems I have to fight to be seen. I have to yell to be heard. Am I not sanctioned by the world at large? Am I asking too much to exist as myself on Earth and not as how someone else thinks I ought to be? Dear God, sometimes I feel gagged and bound.

“The world often seems too stringent on me, as if I exist only with someone else's sanction.

“God, I have mostly thought life is made of You and that I also exist. Too often it seems that I may not be seen at all.

“God, I ask, on Your behalf, to please allow me to exist as I exist on my own terms and that the world let me exist without trying hard to change me. I don’t like feeling compressed. You, God, on the other hand, expand me, and that’s fine with me.

“I ask for peace. I ask to be allowed to be free from what seems to smother me. It can’t be so that all in the world know more about me than I know for myself. Please help me fend off others from thinking they know my own life better than I do and that I am to go
according to another's worldly will.

“Where does freedom exist for me? I may not know it all, yet I yearn to speak up for myself. I don’t want to be tied and bound.

“Why must everyone and his brother be so sure they know better than I how I am to pursue life better than I know myself? I will improve myself, thank you.

“Otherwise, I want to run away. There are those who deem to improve me at every turn; I can hardly breathe.

“God, tell me, please, that no one is to take over my God-given life. Will You declare this in no uncertain terms? It feels like no one hears me but You, God. I am so grateful to You. You do see Me from across the miles. You see me. You care. You let me be. You let me play my part. You do not order me around.

“God, I don’t ask to be seated at the head of the table. I just want to exist free and clear.

“Am I the only one who feels smothered?

“God, You have cried out: 'Let My People go.’”

“I know You would free me. I feel Your welcome. It is the world that has its doubts about me. Do I abjectly recluse myself from being seen? God, have I been shunted away? I do not see my place card. I see You, God. I see You smiling at me. It seems like the world simply doesn’t see me. The rest of the world bears me no ill will but just cannot see me in the crowd. Is this how it is to be, dear God? I crave my freedom.”


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