White Horse and Yellow Sun

God said:

You will return to permanence in Heaven. You are not like a leaf that falls from a tree and cannot return itself. A leaf cannot pick itself up. It has to rely totally on the wind or circumstance or wait until the burgeoning spring of next year.

That you are a being of free will means you can pick yourself up. It means you don't have to wait.

But you may need patience all the same. You certainly don't need impatience. Patience is a by-product. It comes from the secure knowledge that you will reach your desired goal. Your desired goal is your destination. I speak of the one primary goal you have, not your goals for this and that, but your goal for the ultimate, the end-all of all desires, which is ultimately the beginning of a new sphere as you spiral upward.

You move not in straight-lines but in spirals. That is another way of saying that you are not one-dimensional or two-dimensional or even three-dimensional. You are progressive dimensions and you leap into one after the other.

A core runs through all the dimensions, however, and that is I. I am I no matter what dimension you are in, so We can also say that you are dimensionless, for you are with Me. You are beyond all the lines and circles and permutations that try to describe the infiniteness of you.

You are My strong message. You feel weak according to the distance you imagine you are from Me. When you feel weak, you attempt to bolster yourself with treasures of the world. You forget that you are the treasure, and so you seek treasured objects.

Along the way, you will find yourself, and so, you will find more treasure than you imagined.

Yes, it will be good to increase your imagination. You have thought otherwise. You perhaps thought you were to countermand it, overtake it with countless facts and beliefs. There are a million facts and beliefs, and only One Truth. Counting even to a million is a limiting thing whereas the Oneness of Truth is boundless.

Anything that can be accumulated is a limiting factor. If you can line it up in a row and count it, you are looking at the finite. And you have forgotten that you are infinite and that you live in infinity. To conceive that you are infinite, and that you are infinite love at that, requires imagination in your life. I would like you to imagine it and imagine what it feels like. Remember what it feels like. You can remember as well as imagine. You are not a stranger to infinity.

But for the present, you may need to imagine. Your imagining will nudge the remembering.

Imagine big. Imagine greatness. Imagine infinity. Imagine you, riding with Me in infinity. And so We ride into the present on a white horse that stays white.

You are on that white horse now. You have never left it, but you have forgotten it. You thought the horse was riderless. You thought you had been left behind, and that the horse rode off in the distance and rode into the yellow brightness of sun where you could never go anyway, which you never could have reached anyway, and so you stood back, and then you turned around and walked back to a plain.

Now I tell you, seek in your imagination the white horse and the yellow sun. Feel the white horse under you, and look into the bright sun before you, and you will find yourself riding, riding into eternity with Me. The horse and its rider are one.


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