Wherever You Walk

God said:

When things fall into place, you have let them. You have not blocked their arrival. You haven't forced anything. You have allowed. You have stepped out of the way. You have stopped interfering. You have let go.

That doesn't mean you have done nothing, but it does mean you have not held on to one avenue. You have let manna fall from Heaven whichever way it may fall.

You cannot make it. You cannot order it. You can only receive.

Gratefulness is knowing that you have received. It is acknowledgement of the wondrousness of the universe. Here you are on one little spot of earth and greatness falls upon you. It found its mark. Of all the geography of the world, of all the multitudes, a gift found you and fell to your feet, and you picked it up.

You pick up blessings. You are on earth to pick up blessings where they fall. Wherever you walk, you will find blessings that have been strewn before you.

The actual manifestation of the blessing is a small thing. The blessing was given long before it manifested. It arrived long before you knew. You had to see it in writing, but the message had been sent long ago. But you did not receive it until you saw it.

To be a receptor of My blessings is a fine thing. It serves Me well. We all like to be heard. And My messages reach your ears. They reach your heart. I am heard. I am witnessed.

I give you a ticker tape parade of messages.

And you are one of My messages. My message receives My message. I sent you out into the world to receive My messages. They abound.

As leaves fall in autumn, so do My messages.

You did not know there were so many.

As snow falls in winter, so do My messages.

As the rain pours in summer, so do My messages.

As the sun shines, so do My messages.

There is an abundance of My blessings. They are delivered. Do you accept?

What more shall I give to you? What more do you want? Do you think of something you have not yet received?

Better to think of the boons poured down upon you. Then hold out your hands. There is more to come. Look up, and you will see them on their way to you. You will have an onslaught of blessings. You already have. You will have more.

You are the decider of how many blessings you receive. You are the decider of how much you are blessed. The blessings are already given. You are the decider of your acceptance.

One of the great blessings I have given you is awareness. It may be the greatest blessing of all. Without your awareness, where is all the love in the world distributed? Consider your awareness the enlivenment of Our connection. Your awareness recognizes the current. Your awareness doesn't start it, but it is unavailed until you have awareness.

Awareness is not a trick of the mind. It is a faculty of the heart. Receiving and gratefulness are the same. Until you feel your heart filled, you have not received. You may have glanced. You may have noticed, but you have not yet received until your heart overflows with the blessings bestowed upon it. That a hand accepts is nothing. That a heart accepts is everything.

It gives Me great pleasure to bestow riches upon you. Greater yet is My pleasure in your receipt of them. Your pleasure is My receipt. Let your heart be filled, and all is well in Heaven and on earth.


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