Where Your Thoughts Dwell

God said:

You have to get out of thoughts about yourself, not because you have to be unselfish, but because thoughts about yourself are on a limited track. You can go only so far with thoughts about yourself. They are in a one-way direction, or they go round and round in a small circle. You must break out of thoughts about yourself because they are fruitless and they keep you away from larger fields of greater thought. The smaller your thoughts are, the less happy you are, and thoughts pursued about your own life are small.

You deliberate about your individual life when you can be expanding your attention to the stars.

Consider life like a dipping sauce. You dip your bread in, and you also take it out. Do not keep your bread immersed in the circumference of the dipping sauce. Let it out as well.

Fling your thoughts out in an ever-widening circle. Your attention is a gift to the universe.

It is too easy to get caught in the blind trap of your own problems. There will never be an end to them through preoccupation. Your thoughts do not remove problems. They dig them in deeper. Such thoughts wrench every inch of tightness from contractedness.

Think instead of the beauty of life and the love I hold for you, the love I hold and give at the same time. I ladle My love to you and the far reaches of the universe at the same time. Let your thoughts follow My love.

It is not that you are to forget yourself. Just don't dwell on yourself. Reach out for the diamonds and the rubies of the universe. Reach out for more than you have presently reached out to. You have pulled back more than you have reached out.

You have hobbled your reach. Now extend the boundaries of yourself, for there are none.

You who are ever in My attention can catch My thought rather than the dribbles of your own. Catch My thought not for yourself but for the engenderment of the world. How you catch My thought is to take your thoughts out of yourself. Your thoughts want to outgrow the habitat they have been in.

My thoughts are like magnets, and they seek a response from you. My heart calls you. My voice calls you. Be less consumed with the features of your life and look around. Open your eyes and your ears and your heart. Put your antenna up high. Come to My frequency. You will vibrate to it.

Much of your search for happiness has been running away. Now run to. Run to where joy abides, not merely from where it does not.

You have scattered yourself, and now you will gather yourself. But you do not gather yourself with exclusive attention upon yourself. It is more like, that as your vision expands, you will be gathered. The gathering of you is automatic as your field of attention expands.

When your skirt is too long for you, it bunches up on the floor. When you step up and stand in a higher place, your skirt assumes its natural folds without any effort.

You cannot force expansion upon yourself, but you can step your thoughts up.

What do you think I mean when I tell you to look up?

Your attention on your feet will keep you where you are. Your attention higher will lift you, and later it will dawn on you that you have been lifted.

There is a natural sequence of events, yet sequence is not the right word. There is a timeless evolution, and you will enter it full-force ahead. Full-force is no force at all. You will enter it forcelessly, and you will recognize that you have. You will remember My occupation with you. You will remember in Whose arms you are. You will remember.


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