Where Your Attention Is

God said:

When I say to you to start each day anew and look at each person as if for the first time, I am not telling you to be naïve. What I am telling you is to let go of expectation, both pro and con. I am not telling you to be a positive thinker in the sense of awaiting the best from everyone, anymore than I am telling you to be a negative thinker awaiting the worst.

What we are talking about is neutrality, neither expecting up nor expecting down. I am saying: Don't get so involved in the outcome. Don't invest so much in results.

When you keep your eye on Me, when you have Me in your awareness, when you involve yourself with Me, you really won't make the same mistake over and over again. You may have thought your recurring mistake was in believing in the good of someone else and awaiting it no matter what, or its reverse and awaiting that. It is true that time and time again you predict, and that is indeed a mistake, but your main mistake is in not believing in Me.

The core of Christ was his belief in Me. The core of him was not his kindness, his love, his healing, his perception, his eyes. As great as these were, the greatness of Christ was his clear, named, overt alliance with Me. His attention was so wholeheartedly on Me and greatness — how could a slur or inattention from another affect him?

Your attention has been much on responses from others. How you are looked at or talked about has been paramount to you. You have lived by it.

Now try living by My love and regard for you. Try living by your love and regard for Me.

That will change your whole status as a citizen of the Earth. It will unlimit you.

And, oh, how you want to be unlimited! How much you want to be free, but instead you carry the restrictions of the world, and your heart is heavy.

Surely your life does not depend on what someone else says or does.

Your life depends on Me. Your life is dependent on Us, Me and you. Your life certainly does not depend on deliberate or chance remarks from other Humans. You are not a vulnerable being. You are a powerful being.

Sensitivity is not refinement. It is prettied-up ego.

Be sensitive to Me, and that is awareness. That is greater vision. That is getting somewhere. That is resolution of tiny events.

You go nowhere with the old hurts. And all hurts are old. Even a new one today is a replay.

Being and seeing anew is being and seeing with Me, for with Me, your attention is on Me and not on the foibles of reaching for this and that.

With Me, you skip steps. You really don't have to go through each world endeavor. You can step higher. You can leap higher.

You see Me as patient with you. But I am not patient. I am confident. Patience is knowing. Patience isn't impatience making itself sit still. Patience is knowing that all is just right. Patience does not try to hasten something that is occurring at its own rate. Patience is a leading. I lead you forward with love. That is what I do with you.

And when I see you caught up in worldly remarks and what respect or disrespect is given you, I smile and put My hand on your shoulder, and I wait respectfully for you to catch up with Me.


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