When You Behold Nature

God said:

When you behold nature, you are beholding the majesty of Heaven. When you notice nature, you are enthralled. Sunrises, sunsets, stars in the vast cup of the night sky, mountains, water, growing things. They set your heart on fire at the same time as they set it at peace. How enlivening is nature. How soothing is nature. Your appreciation enlivens and soothes. It is your appreciation.

Observation of nature makes you wiser. As you observe, you feel My love. Regardless of whether what you look at is stark or lush, you feel the love that permeates the universe.

All in nature has its movement, but you do not sense rushing. You, as you watch, are restful in your movement. You eyes do not dart as they follow the vastness of nature.

Yet when you look at other Human beings, you mostly do not note the vastness. You note the smallnesses. You note the peculiarities. You cast your eye on disheartenment. You look out through squinting lenses.

When you look at mountains on the horizon, you do not say that the mountains interrupt the horizon. When you look at an individual leaf in your hand, you are not dismayed at its edges. And yet when you look at other Human beings, you often see something to distress you. Your eyes move too fast, or they only look at inconvenience. Are other Human beings in your way of seeing Me?

How you glance at others is how you glance at yourself. You overlook, or you scan briefly. Pause a moment and look for the beauty. It is there. In each Human face, beyond the obvious configuration, lies the same beauty that you find in nature. And the same beauty that lies in nature lies in you. Look with My eyes that pause as they witness you.

At first glance may not be true glance. At first glance may be supposition. At second glance may be the beginning of seeing. So look once, twice, and thrice.

The seer sees the seer.

Without the concept of time, you would not rush. You would not race through life. You would take a walk through it. You would not dash by it. Taking a walk means seeing as you walk. You would not pass anything by. Do not pass by your life. Do not be in such a hurry to see something else ahead yet to come. See what is here right now. Be a little lazy today. Untense yourself and begin to see the beauty you carry within you and the beauty before you. Begin to see.

Close your eyes and begin to see.

Open your eyes to Me. Consider that I take you on a tour through life, and I point out the sights to you. What would I point out to you?

Let your life unfold like a beautiful carpet rolling out before you. Look at it with wonder. Isn't it a wonder that We are here in the midst of life? You and I together? Inasmuch as I am with you, you might as well see with My eyes. You will not rush, but you will save yourself time, that nonexistent time, because you will find Now and enter it. Now is My presence. Enter Now.

Roll down the hill of life. Or roll up it! Rolling means not to resist. Your resistance botches life. Know where you are going, and do not resist it. Free fall through the universe. That is what you are doing anyway. Oh, you may clutch on your way, but that stops your ascent. You are falling to Heaven.


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