When It Comes to Love

God said:

What is love but wisdom of the heart? Love is the heart's knowing the unity of Oneness. The heart really knows nothing else. All the other thoughts you call emotions are imposed about your beating heart. The pulse of your heart is love. Anything else there is foreign to it.

That same love that beats within your heart is the same as My love. The only difference is that there are no impurities stuck in My heart. My heart is free-flowing, and it flows freely everywhere.

Your heart is for love and nothing else. There may be thousands of forms of love, but love is One, and its only purpose is itself.

My love, like My thoughts, doesn't latch on to something. My love encompasses but does not latch. Or We could say that My love alights on everything. We could say that My heart immerses everything into it, but My love does not lock into anything. My love is free and freely given, but it does not lock its teeth into anything. My love is free and freely given, and it is permanent, irrevocable, but it does not hold anyone unless of his own accord. My accord does not supercede yours.

My love touches base with you, and then it is your call.

This is not irresponsible of Me. This is the freedom I give. My love surrounds you, but you partake as you wish. That is My love for you. It sets you free.

Any other love is a bargain-making.

There is no contract with My love. There are no binding clauses. There is nothing demanded of you. There is nothing you have to repay. My love is freely given to you. I throw coins at your feet. What you pick up is up to you. I strew My heart before you, and you may see it or not. You may do as you will.

Far-seeing and omniscient am I, and I know that the day will dawn when you see the gifts before you and you will pick up My love like sweet flowers by the side of the road. The day will dawn when you see nothing but My flowers everywhere. You will find yourself in a field of flowers with blue skies and a sun that is there only to bless you.

All flowers long to be picked by your hand, but they are not obtrusive. They are just there, willing and waiting. Their essence calls to you. And if you do not stop for them today, they know you will tomorrow, or next year. Like Me, they are all-knowing and all-freeing when it comes to love. They are givers of love and not takers.

The flower is fulfilled when you are aware of it. Your eyes have alit on it, and its heart swells in joy, and it sends you its perfume so you will remember it always.

Flowers are profuse in their love. Their love is a given. It is not bantered back and forth. It is freely given.

And your heart will learn to give love like that. Just to give love, and let it fall where it may like petals from a flower. You will emanate your love everywhere. I was going to say toss it, but it will take no act of will. You will emanate My love just as a flower emanates its scent. Will will have nothing to do with it. It will be your state of being. You will give off love, and that's all there is to it.

Not love in response to something, but just love of its own accord. We can call it billowing love, if you like. We can call it love infinite. We can call love the stream of life that runs through the world and crisscrosses every heart. We can say love is Oneness, and Oneness is unbroken. Oneness is One, not parts, not divergences, but convergence, One convergence, My One heart into the One of yours.