What You Yearn For

God said:

Encourage all hearts. So many hearts are withering on the vine. One look, one word from you may restore their hearts. Be the lightener of heavy hearts.

Lighten your own, and be an honest bestower of acceptance. Be a conveyer of neutral acceptance. It is perfectly all right for someone not to be you. Certainly it is. You have not even been you right along. Now you no longer demand it from others.

Climb your own tree. Know it is good.

All the varieties of trees in the world are good. One tree does not compare itself to another. Trees and all of nature long only to be themselves.

Learn from the trees, for they are your teachers.

What is their yearning but to grow to the sun. They reach up and they grow wide as well. They grow in all directions. Their arms spread to court the world. They are climbable. They let old leaves fall to earth. They do not resist the wind. They know it cleans and refreshes them. They accept all that comes to them, and they accept themselves. Trees are silent sentinels upon the face of the earth. They do not question why they stand there.

Be you like a tree. You are a tree that can more than bend. You can move. You can take steps. You can stride. You are not to plant yourself so firmly in one place of thought.

Let your thoughts move up and across.

You are stationed in Me. Otherwise, you move. And all the while you are stationed in Me, just as trees are stationed in earth. A tree grows deep and tall. And so is your growth. You grow deep in Me and you grow tall in Me. I made you a tree of the knowledge of goodness, no less.

You have set yourself upon earth to discover wonderfulness. You discover it in yourself. You have looked everywhere for it. Let awareness of yourself fall upon you like water from a waterfall. Begin to love yourself so that you can move on and love more than yourself.

Nourish yourself. Nourished, you can get up from the table, make room for others and serve them for My sake.

You have to be on earth for more than your own sake, or you are not content. That is what has been bothering you all along, for you know you are for more than mere sustenance or daily dalliance in life. Your Great God has made you for greatness.

Where does your greatness lie?

It lies in small acts, many small acts.

It lies in your awareness.

It is great to be yourself and no other.

It is great to know the vastness of you.

Vast are you in My heart. Discover My heart, and you discover your vastness.

When you are strong in knowledge of your strength, you can be an anointer of the world.

You can bend with kindness.

Your strength becomes a shield to those who do not yet know their strength.

You lift up others.

You will lift them with your eyes.

Your eyes have great power.

They give and receive great love.

They are dispensers of greatness.

And they are your eyes. You see through them. You are the see-er that uses your eyes like magic wands to bestow a blessing upon the world.

One such as you who is a blessing upon earth has blessings to give.

Bless Me with your offering of silent acceptance to others. Let them know through your eyes that they are all right with Me too. They are beautiful in My eyes, and so you teach them that. There is great need for that knowledge. Few know it, or know it very well. And so that is what you will teach. Yes, you must know it yourself, but you will learn it by teaching others. Remember, you teach with your eyes.


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