What Do You Want?

God said:

You think you know, or you think you don't know, what is your heart's desire. It is not that you are undecided. It's just that you may not have yet found out what means the most to you. What you desire needs to be what means the most to you. What means the most to you is what you want, or want more of.

You may discover that you have been running after one thing or another which, when all is said and done, just isn't that important to you.

Where do you put your energy? And where do you want to? Are they the same?

This is not really a ponderous question. You do not have to flip back through pages of your life to find the answer. Look within yourself today.

It is not that you have to make a big decision about your life. What have you been looking at? And where does your heart lie? The star of your heart urges you to a distant spot (what seems distant). You are simply trying to locate your heart.

When you feel relaxed, you are awake to the moment that is. Even to the moment of your thought. Life is made up in the moment of your thoughts. All is connected. There is no disconnection.

I tell you that there is no time, and I tell you that life is timeless. I tell you that you are in eternity, and time does not exist.

How then do you live in the moment? What is the now you live in?

Life is a wide beach of white sand spread out before you. It has no footsteps on it. You step, and you leave no prints.

Life is a lake. You swim, and yet you do not disturb the water.

Life is one breath, one immersion, one lift-off. From where do you stream forth? That is eternity, and that is this moment.

When you feel unfulfilled, you have stepped out of a moment. Therefore, you have stepped out of fulfillment.

The body of water you swim in is this moment. There is no place to swim to, for all is the lake.

That is you who looks at a sparkle on the lake. You are also the sparkle. You are what you look at.

You are the leaf on the tree. It exists within you in this moment. And you are the tree itself. You are the mighty oak.

You are the firmament. You are also Heaven, and you are the seeking of it.

Everything and timelessness are the same. You, like Me, are All in All. You play on the field of eternity, and you are the field you play on. There is no difference.

So what is it that you deeply desire? It is to know yourself. You are all there is to know, because you are all of it. You are the whole shebang. There is nothing outside you. There are no drops to and from the ocean.

You are not fathomless. You are deep. There is no beginning and no end to you. You are not the flip of a switch. You are unending forever. There never was a time before you. There is no time. There is Allness. What is depth when you are measureless?

Where do you go when you always are? You can only come to this meeting-place where you and I are One. We have already reached Our destination. Only you have to know it.

A flower blooms forever in My hand. Descent and ascent are illusions. But you are real. Only the world is not.


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