What Do You Know?

God said:

Even when you say or do something that you wish you had not, even when you have done something that you and everyone takes for granted is better not to do, what occurred had to have served a purpose for you and others. There has to be something somewhere that befell that came with a purpose, whether you see it or not. How could this be? How could there be any sense to what certainly appears senseless, even random.

At the same time, beloveds, do not take an unseen purpose as an excuse.

If you are driving your car, and you innocently hit a tree, you are responsible. If you are driving your car and innocently hit another car, you are responsible. If you are driving your car and you innocently run over someone, you are responsible. That you meant to do it or not is not the issue.

You might argue with Me. You might say: “What if I were driving along carefully beneath the speed limit. I wasn’t drinking, and I wasn’t distracted, and a car hit me? I’m responsible?”

Of course, I see what you mean, and, yes, another holds responsibility for his part. Whether he was momentarily distracted or speeding or whatever, no matter how much of an accident, as it used to be said in war, you were there at the right place at the wrong time or the wrong place at the right time.

Of course, you have also had auspicious moments when you were in the right place at the right time, and something wonderful happened. Perhaps you were discovered by a movie producer, and you became a movie star. It happened to you. Was that an accident?

It could be said that every meeting is an accident of fate, or it could be said that there are no accidents. Can it also be said perhaps that even a deliberate act could still be an accident? An accident of fate?

Why would anyone ever want to willingly be enmeshed in anything unpleasant?

When there is peace in the world, there will be peace, and intrusions on that peace will be far and wide.

When there is enough peace in the world, when what may be seen as misfortune occurs, misfortune does not have to be taken in the tumultuous ways misfortune presently is. When a heart is in peace, it does not so easily break.

Broken-heartedness is not the scale to weigh caring on. That one suffers more than another may mean only that, that one suffers more than another. It can be an assumption that one cares more than another. A conclusion is drawn. Conclusions are not always true.

Who can measure the degree of anyone’s commitment from the outside? You may think that everyone feels to the same degree you do. Everyone may say that pain is pain. Everyone may say everyone knows what another feels. And, yet, beloveds, how do you know this? In terms of the world, how do you know this? Reasons for suffering may be considered the same, and, yet, who knows what another’s experience may or may not be? How do you know that another’s experience is like yours or anyone else’s or to the same degree?

Life may be packaged the same, yet who knows all the answers? There is much to learn on Earth, and all answers are not the same. One Truth does not officiate on Earth. Truth on Earth paints different pictures. You may do well to not claim that you know all the answers. You can only know the answers you hold at any given moment. Absolute Truth isn’t obvious on Earth.