Vision Statement

The vision of the Godwriting™ International Society of Heaven is to share God's words in Heavenletters™ with the whole world.

Whoever we may be, when we read Heavenletters, our view of life, ourselves, and the world change. Little by little, just by reading Heavenletters we grow.

"You do not have to understand My words, for now you possess them. You do not have to remember My words, for now they stir within you. You don't have to do anything because now you have all the seeds planted within you... Your awareness will blossom, and there is nothing you can do to stop it."

Everything God says applies to all of us, and each day's Heavenletter contains a new message from God. For people of all faiths, or of none, Heavenletters are like a walk we take with God. With each step, we come closer until we find there is no distance at all between God and us.

The natural process of hearing God's words ever so softly for ourselves, we call Godwriting™. Both reading Heavenletters™ and our own Godwriting™ deepen our personal intimacy with God.

We envision people all over the world opening to the simple natural process of hearing for themselves what God whispers so subtly. Godwriting, Listening to the Voice Within, is so easy that anyone can do it. God tells us that the only prerequisite is to be a human being!

"How can My children be God-deaf when I am speaking My love at every twist and turn of life? How can I not be heard? How can you not hear Me? You may think the miracle is to hear My Voice. The amazing thing is when you do not."

We offer freely without cost:

* A daily emailed subscription Subscribe to Heavenletters!

* Heavenletters in languages we have Volunteer Angel Translators

* Opportunities for Heavenreaders who wish to share their consciousness on the Heavenletter Spiritual Community Forum and on The Godwriting blog.

* Opportunities for those who wish to give back by becoming part of the spectacular Heaven team.

* A FREE E-Book I Hear God Speak & 10 Magnificent Heavenletters,
Love Letters from God Leave a book rating at this link so that the world can come to know God’s Words and God’s Love through Heavenletters.

* Godwriting Workshops -- we're working on an online Godwriting workshop that includes personal conferences.

"You do have free will. I gave it to you...It is not that you follow Me as it is that you recognize your Oneship with Me."

If there were not Heavenreaders, who would God talk to? What would Heavenletters be if there were not you?

To find out more about Heavenletters, you might like to have a look at the Frequently Asked Questions page.