All Those Who Stand before You

God said:

You are an impressionist. You live by impressions. A glance tells you this. A sound tells you that. And you take your impressions and call them truth. They certainly are true for you at the time.

Feel the Freedom

God said:

It is very freeing when you come to the place where no one has to agree with you. This frees those who think differently from you. Most of all, it frees you from the conviction that you have to be right. You are right in your own eyes, of course, and another person is right in his or her own eyes. Beware of trying to convince someone that his view is off because it is not the same as yours.

What God Says

God said:

You learn. You grow. You come closer to Me. And, yet, at the same time, you still hold on to the appearances of life and are so tied tightly to them.

Beloveds, the Truth of You

God said:

The Truth of you is love. Anything that is not the Truth of you is less. You are an unlimited Being of Truth. Limits you set upon yourself or others are not true. They are false. When you sell yourself short, you are being untrue to yourself. You are being false to yourself. You betray the Truth of yourself. When you set limits upon others, you are betraying their Truth.

If you say you are hopeless or incapable, you are telling lies about yourself.

You Are Very Bright

God said:

Live up to My image of you, for My image of you is Truth.

You have no choice, beloveds, or rather your choice is to be truthful or your choice is to be unfulfilled.

A Child of Mine cannot be what you tend to think he is, or that you think you are. You could not be more mistaken.

I hold fast to the Truth of you. You were made in My image, not as a picture of Me, not as imagination, but as the Truth of Me. This is not a colored-in image of you. You are a pure reflection of Me. Not imitation. Not exaggeration. There are no broken lines.

What Is Truth?

God said:

Sometimes you think you know all there is to know about the wiles of the world. But the wiles of the world are only wiles. Wiles are superficial. Do not make them your King.


God said:

If you were not concerned with what the world or someone in it might think of you, you would be a great leader of love. You would never hesitate from what is before you to do.

You would get up front and speak. You would always speak the truth, and you would speak it with love. You would be the leader of the universe.

All the rules of the world, no matter how changeable they are, have been like a clamp on you, and perhaps have made you feel like an outsider in your own land.

The Heart Knows

God said:

Your heart is like a nose. Your nose can smell an aroma before the bakery is in sight. In the case of the heart, it is the Truth that can be sensed. How often have you let your intellect drown out what your heart was eager to say?

Your intellect operates from the past. It is an adding machine.

But your heart is new-born every day. How simple is your heart!

Your intellect relies on postulations, evidence, comparisons, and makes a guess. Your heart relies on a subtle sense of knowing.

Truth, Part II

God said:

We are talking about a settling-in. Settle in to yourself, not the world as it appears. Settle in to Truth or rise to it. It is the same. The Truth sinks in, and you rise to it. You get up to greet it, as I do greet you, but it is found sitting where you are.

Once in a while you glimpse truth, and you are amazed with the joy of it. "Ah, so that is truth," you muse. A quietness settles on you, a calmness far surpassing the physical state of your body, yet you feel it encasing your body and entering your heart where it will dwell in peace forever.

Truth doesn't leave. Untruth leaves.

An Instance of Eternity

God said:

I am teaching you to be in the moment. That is what We are talking about. Not in the past. Not ahead of time. But in the moment which is no moment at all but which is an instance of eternity. You are getting onto the Grand Steering Wheel. You are getting off the tiny toy ones. You will not fall off the Grand Steering Wheel, but you must get off the toys.

Pictures of life were drawn for you, and you accepted them. Someone took a stub of a pencil and sketched a place for you. They drew a picture of you, and they drew little things around you, and you thought this sketch was true.

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