This Vast Permeating Love

God said:

We lead a life of love together, you and I. Our purpose is to love, mainly to give love, yet what love is is not always understood nor grasped. The love I speak of is beyond grasp. In one sense, everything is love, from flirtation to fighting, from romance to death. All love has something to it. Unrequited love has some worth to it. First love or last love and death of love offer something. There is some worth or fun in love, short-lived or one-sided. This is love in the world.

The love I speak of is something else. Nothing makes a difference to it. It encircles regardless of anything. It upholds itself regardless of anything. The love I speak of is like the love I radiate, and radiate to you. Love is a form of grace.

The love of which I speak doesn’t have to be merited. No one has to be beautiful in order to have it. It is love that transcends. It is dependent upon nothing but itself. It is nothing you have to think about. It is like breathing. It does not have to be achieved. It is like your aura. It is simply there without any urging or expectation. I am the original Source of Love, and you are My Reflection of Love.

It is your birthright to enjoy this vast love, the receiving and the giving of it, one not dependent upon the other. There is no measuring or balancing the scales of love. There are no prerequisites for love.

You love because it is your inborn nature to love. You love because you love and not because of this or that. You simply love with a love that has nothing to do with wealth, custom, age, beauty, or gender. It is love. It has to do with you alone. You don’t have to have an object to love. It is you yourself surrounded by the Light of Love that radiates within you irrespective of anything. We can call it acceptance. We can call it innate vision. We can call it Wholeness. When it comes to this love, there is no half a loaf.

If you are skinny, you just are skinny. You don’t have to think about it. You don’t have to enter a room or meet with someone and declare: “I am skinny.” Your skinniness is not a consideration.

In the same way, you don’t have to announce: “I have a big heart.” You don’t have to say, “I shine love on you.” Just as you don’t have to say that water is wet or Oceans are Vast. You don’t have to pull your love out or squeeze your eyes shut and try to love. Love is simply there the way the sky is blue. No effort has to be put into it. Effort doesn’t open the dams of love. Love of itself has no dams at all. The love that you are is you yourself untrammeled.

This Vast Permeating Love has nothing to do with performance. It is as far away from performance as can be. This love is not effort, nor is it a charade. It is not here today and gone tomorrow.

We can say that love is in your DNA. You were born with it. Babies are born with it. Then, likely, someone or something somewhere dampened this Vastness of Love within you and taught you to reserve love. Life in the world dampened love, as if love had to preserve itself when it is the very nature of love just to be.

Natural love has been twisted and tied, as if love were meant to be restricted and withheld. If the love in your heart is not expanding, it has been restricted. Exuberance of love is meant for the great and the small. The love I speak of is not meant for your discretion. In life, you may fear you will love too much and waste your love extended. Love yourself more, and you will begin to see others as yourself. There is no cost to you. You have been sacrificing what you were born to.