The Tender Being You Are

God said:

You think that vendettas are ridiculous things. And yet you find tiny vendettas every day. You count a slight incurred and make a notch of it in your heart. You may not plan revenge, but your thoughts retaliate a little. You mince offenders in your thought, even if it is to think: "How dare they slight me!"

But I say to you, how dare you take offense?

All those others are just as innocent as you. They are trying to make their way in the harrowing world just as you are, and you simply aren't in the forefront of their thoughts. They have their own thoughts they're thinking of. Is there something wrong with that?

No one has to be the way you want. Not even I.

In your own life, you are the prima ballerina, but in other lives, you simply are not. You are one of the many distractions that present themselves. Not everyone gives you star billing.

You can remember that I do.

You have a tendency to try to whip others into shape. You are very concerned with what others do and say or with what they should or shouldn't do or say. You tend to like to arbitrate others' lives. It is easy for you to know the choices others should best make. You would decide for them if only they had the sense to let you.

When it comes to your own life, however, you want everyone to leave you to live it as you happen to.

The energy you spend on assaying other people's lives could better be spent on loving others, just as they are, not as you wish they would be.

I recommend that you not look at other people's failings, any more than I recommend that you look at your own.

Look for the good always, in yourself and others.

When you are less critical with yourself, you will be less critical with others.

Criticism is quick to come to your tongue. Your mind is sharp when it comes to criticism. Sharpen your mind to look for love rather than fault. There is more love than there is fault. You, too, are more love than fault.

None of you are guilty of anything but of learning. You are not guilty but graced. What learning will you grace yourself with today?

Get on with new learning. Skip a grade.

If a lesson is hard for you, who made it hard? And why did you? Why did you beat it back? Let the lion of learning come out of the cage.

Life is not made up of lessons, yet there are things to be learned, and you are the learner of them. No one can learn for you.

And you are a teacher, and no one can teach as you can. You have been especially assigned. Everyone who approaches you approaches you to learn something from you. They may not know what. But they know you have something for them. They may not know they have something for you.

But you have to do seamless teaching and not let on that you are teaching anything. Teach without words. Teach sitting down, knee to knee. Teach being. Give others a hint of Me. Help them to believe in Me. Teach quietly.

You have already been appointed teacher.

Most of all, teach yourself.

Expand the love in your heart to include yourself. Introduce yourself to yourself. Get to know what I see in you. That is what you are to reveal to others. You have tried to hide and disguise your vulnerability. It is one of your strong points. You are a viable Human being. You thought you had to be stalwart when, all along, all you had to be is the tender being you are.