The Shores of Infinity

God said:

The person you have the most responsibility to inspire is yourself. You can’t wait for someone or anyone to inspire you. That you are a leader means that you take responsibility. Surely, you take the responsibility to inspire yourself. That is how you lead. You lead yourself first.

Let the world do its deflating. Let the world do whatever it thinks it is doing, while you hold the steering wheel of yourself. Where are you going to drive your car, beloveds? You are responsible for the route you take. Even when you get a flat tire, you take care of it, and so you continue on your way. A flat tire is not meant to flatten you.

You may say it is very easy to feel deflated. Well, then, start driving up the mountain, and know full well that you have the power to do so. You can sail up that mountain. Self-inspiration is the steam you rise with. The whole horizon is before you, and the valleys below you. You are a High Being who stands above the valleys now and surveys a wide expanse. Mist is no deterrent to you, for you are far-seeing.

The perceived world is not to hold you back from breathing in the beauty I have cast before you. And if the perceived world tries to hold you back, you go forward just the same, for, you deliver light to yourself. You light your own way. Others will follow, yet you don’t look back. You keep your eyes in front of you. You keep walking. The terrain is not to stop you, for you are light-footed. Darkness is not to stop you, for you carry your own light.

As you walk, breathe in My light, and breathe out My light, and so darkness is no longer darkness, and your path is lit. You are lighting up the world, and so your vision is bright. The world you brighten is your own. Bequeath your light to the world. Be a blessing who also blesses himself. You are the streetlight of the Universe. Even in dark nights, you are light. You and sun by day, and you and the moon and stars by night light up the Universe.

Look, I gave you My light to shine. I did not say to deny yourself, and shine it only for others. My light in you is meant to cover you in light. Be the light you shine. Be it. Know Whose beacon you are. Know the dimensionlessness of the light you shine. There is no shadow on Earth that your light cannot disperse. Even if you stay in a closet or a cave, your light can reach every soul on Earth.

This must be so, because you embrace Oneness, and Oneness leaves no one out. Oneness includes All. The 3 Musketeers became one, and so are We One, and We means everyOne. I am everyone, and you are everyone, and there is no one who is nobody. Everyone is somebody. Everyone is the embodiment of Me. What a hoax has been perpetrated on you if you have believed in separateness. Oneness cannot come apart. Oneness is inviolable. With a slight change in your perception, you will know this beyond the shadow of a doubt. And now you know that light removes doubt. You have perhaps doubted your own existence. If you have thought you are a mere physical body, you have denied yourself the light that is yours. You cannot overdo the shining of your light, yet you can miss a spot.

How can Oneness Itself deny its own light? Your light is to shine, not to dim. Turn the light on now. No dimmer switch here. Floodlight your light now. Spotlight your light now. Beam it on yourself, and then your light reaches to the nethermost shores of Infinity and Eternity, too.