The Glance You Give the World

God said:

It is no comfort to My children to say that pain is not real. It feels very real, I know. But then, get your mind off the suffering, and the pain will not stalk.

But you say, "How can I get my mind off it? It hurts!"

Think of something else. Think of someone else. Think beyond the perimeters of your life. When the pain cannot be greater, perhaps it can be less. Choose your focus.

When your attention is on pain, you will certainly experience it. When your attention is on joy, you will equally experience it. Fear is joy displaced.

Pain is a form of fear. Call it crystallized fear. The vibration of your scream of fear created an embolism called pain. Or it is someone else's scream of pain that entered you and found issuance from your lips.

There is a scale of joy in Human life. Be upscale. Pain is a reduction of joy. Joy is the original and natural. Pain is an aberration. It does not belong there. Nor does its predecessor fear.

Fear is something you learned. Unlearn it. Be done with it. What is the point of it? What does it save you from? Certainly not itself.

Fear makes you tiptoe.

A child of Mine does not do well to tiptoe. You can tread gently upon earth, but that is not tiptoeing. Have you not had enough tiptoeing in your life? Or scrambling? Be a rightful walker upon earth. Take strides. Step over your fears, and they will be behind you. Then you can laugh at them instead of their laughing at you.

Fear mocks your rightful position in life. Fear is an interloper. It is an insurgent. It wants a revolution. It wants to oust you and take over. It wants to make you tremble.

Joy, on the other hand, fills you up. It gives, not takes. Spread joy like fear. Let joy be insidious. Let it enter everywhere. Announce its arrival. Be a flag of joy.

There is something in your life today that you can look at in a different way. There is some obstacle or stumbling-block that you can look at from a different angle. When you see it differently, it will be different because it bends and moves according to your vision. It becomes what you accord to it. Your thought keeps it in your way or dismantles it.

It is true: there is nothing that you cannot do. There is nothing you cannot be. There is nothing that you are not. The whole range of possibilities is yours. Choose your place.

I am, of course, not talking about the titles the world gives. I don't say you can become police captain or superintendent of schools. Of course, you may, but those are little things compared to what I speak of.

Wherever you are, whatever your circumstances, you can be a leader. You can lead the way to greatness. You can bear great love and great understanding. You can be an epitome of what Human man can be. Through My grace, you, in the world in the place you stand, can arrest the attention of the world. It is yours to do. You are already a model for the world. You already shape it. Now be a shining example of greatness upon earth.

Even the child shall lead. And you are all children. You are all innocent. Yet do not think it is little you against a big world. It is great you dropped into a little world. You are the changer and uplifter of it, and you do that right where you are. Start today with the glance you give to the world.