The Energy of Intention

God said:

Intention is energy. It is a certain kind of energy, powerful and unwasted.

Intention is like the lowering of a raft boat into the sea. Intention is like a paintbrush dipped into a certain color. Intention is like an upside-down funnel filled from the pointed end and poured out from the wide. Intention is like an arrow that becomes many arrows spread out. Intention is the opening of a door that opens, not into another room, but into a vista. Intention is an airplane ticket valid for an around-the-world-tour. Intention starts you from where you think you are and takes you where you want to go. Intention is the instrument by which a pilot sets his course. The course is set, and that is where the plane will go, and the pilot sits back.

Set your intention, and release your hold. I will take over. Set your intention, and let life unfold. Otherwise, you stab at life. Otherwise, you are like someone who gashes open a locked suitcase with stabs of a knife, when all the while the key was in the lock and a touch of the clasp would open the suitcase and reveal its treasure. You do not have to wrench life open. Let the intention of your heart open it for you.

Life is not lived by will. You do not will more joy. Will has a certain force to it, and force is control. Control keeps fulfillment away; it does not bring it. Consider the difference between the energy of insistence and the energy of intention. Which goes further? Which lasts? Which takes you where you want to go?

Attract what you want your life to be. Draw it to you with your intention.

Consider yourself a fisherman. First know which kind of fish you want to catch, and then you cast your line into the lake where the fish swim. Cast your intention into the lake that holds your deepest desires.

Maybe you just fish where you happen to be. Then intend to catch what you desire.

Intention is not a plan. It is an intent. It is a leaning in the direction. Intent is your eyes seeing into the distance, and then you simply follow the path of your eyes.

Or consider that you are at a train station. What is the name of the train you want to go on? There are many local trains around, and you can hop on them again and again. But perhaps there is a train that goes a further distance. It will also take you where the local does but it will surpass the local and take you beyond where you have thought you were.

What is your will? What is the meaning of your will? Your will may be a little peevish. Certainly next to Mine it is. Your will is many little hops. My Will is the express train that will take you where you want to go. Intend to catch the God's Will Express, for that is how you discover the magnificence of your own being.

This is what I mean by your having asked for too little. You want this and that and not that and this, but you see too little. You haven't seen far enough. You have missed some wonders to choose from.

Catch My vision. I give it to you. When you have trust in yourself, you will have faith in Me. By your faith in Me, you accept My vision as your own.

Your will is fishing in a small pond.

My Will covers the oceans.

Come beside Me, and cast your line into the depths of the ocean where treasure is to be found.

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