Shine Like the Stars

God said:

Beloved, you have your choice as to what you make for breakfast this morning. Make oatmeal if you like. Make a frittata. This is your option to decide. Ultimately, you are responsible. If you are out of eggs, who is to pick up another dozen?

Such is life in the world.

If you want to crochet a sweater, crochet a sweater. If you want to fuss and fume, this is also your choice. If you want to let go of what you hold to yourself, this is up to you. If you hit the ceiling, whose choice is this?

Yes, Beloved, I understand that there are times you feel that life has cornered you, and you are up the creek.

By and large, you choose what comes. You may refuse responsibility, or you may get over aggravating about what turns out to be a mistake.

You have the choice to move on in life. You can play your cards right. You can pay your debts or skip around your debts and turn a blind eye to them. You can put off your responsibility, or you can forget about it altogether or live up to your responsibility lickity-split.

You are the maker of your life. You can turn cartwheels or dance a jig. You can go forward or backward. You can be on time, or you can be late, or you can be early. You can be whatever you want to be. You contribute.

You can be svelte or chubby. You can be new. You can be young and move forward. Life is not something for you to give up on. Your life is in your hands. At the same time as life influences you, you influence life. Everyone and everything has an influence. You are influenced by something. And you influence far and near.

Smile your joys and cry your tears. Not once savor feeling sorry for yourself. You are under God's sky. No matter what, you are here for a mighty reason. You are never on Earth for naught. I hand-picked you from the Garden of Eden.

Now pick the flowers in front of you. Plant new flowers of your choosing. Water them. Love them. Cheer them. Love and cheer yourself.

Come with Me. Serve Me with all your heart, and serve yourself.

Be a lit sky. Be the Sun Who Lights up Itself and all you shine upon.

Take credit for your mistakes and for all your good fortune, or, do you say that your life on Earth is altogether up to the stars?