Rising Higher

God said:

All the good that comes to you is for you. It is aimed at you. An arrow you shot comes back. And, yet, beloveds, it is not always like that. Or, another way of saying this is that you can’t comprehend how so much good can come to you. In the same way as you respond when a beautiful meal appears before you in a restaurant, take the good that comes to you and lap it up. You don’t have to know where it comes from. Rather, you do know where it comes from. It is a gift from your Father in Heaven Who loves you, loved you the first instant He thought of you, has never stopped, cannot stop, would not stop. I have no choice, beloveds. I Who am Love can only love, and that is the story of Creation.

Now, you might ask about the unhappy occurrences in life, and did you yourself order them? Did you cause them? Beloveds, if you analyze everything that happens, you will grate your heart. You will be thinking rather than living. You will balance everything on the tip of your nose and stumble. Accept fulfillment as your due. Fulfillment is what you are supposed to have. That is My plan for you.

When the unwanted occurs, do not wear a hair shirt. Do not blame yourself. Do not say to yourself: “Somehow I caused this. I must have done something bad.” Do not try to trace the history of one event or another. Today the sky rains. Tomorrow the sun shines. Would you blame yourself for the rain or flood or plague? Just know they do not belong to you. Only blessings are yours to keep. Again, beloveds, think no more about cause and effect. Think about joy and how to spread it.

There is too much blame in the world. There is too much pointing fingers. Beloveds, do not point fingers at yourselves. That is living in the past, even if the past were only a minute ago. Be done with the past. The past recedes. That which you see as a blessing also recedes. It was, and now it isn’t. The same with that which you wish would not come.

There is no benefit to blame. It causes suffering. A lot is made of repentance. Think not of repentance. Simply think of rising higher. Yesterday you were less wise than you are today. Tomorrow you will be wiser still. Keep promoting yourself in your evolution. Frankly, do not think so much about it. Your evolution will take care of itself.

Love Me, love yourself, love everyone in your life, those who bump into you as well as those who plaud you. Accept all occurrences as the world you find yourself in. One moment you are in the center of the forest. The next you are at the beach, the sunlight shining on you and the waves of the ocean leaping.

Consider that in life, you are on a road trip. Today you go through one terrain, tomorrow another. Did you cause the terrain? No longer think about it. It so happens that you are driving in this place today, and tomorrow there will be another.

In one sense you are responsible for the hunger and strife in the world as well as for its goodness. Just keep going forward, and all will be taken care of. Do not leave litter on your trip. Pick up after yourself as best you can. Hold doors open for others to go through. Don’t honk your horn in traffic. Be a courteous driver on your road trip through the world.


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