Rise Higher

God said:

What you call a twist of fate may be a straight road. You may have been immersed in the twist and so thought otherwise.

Because in a dance, you twirl one way, does not mean you won't twirl another.

A dance is on a stage. The dancers move, but they don't travel. They lift high, and they bow down low.

To turn a ribbon into a pretty bow on a package, first you wrap it a little and then you tie a knot. The ribbon goes in different directions. And it comes out as a bow. Straight became circular, and circular again, and the prettiness you desire is finally there.

Hands lift up in joy to open the package before them. The bow is pulled and the cover lifted off to discover something else beneath.

Sometimes a big box contains a tiny jewel.

Sometimes a small box contains a ticket to Broadway or Paris.

You don't know what is inside until you open it.

Life is before you. It waits for you to open it right now. And all it takes is your eagerness. When you expect the package of life to hold one thing for you, and it holds another, then you are disappointed. But life is to be opened, and it is for you to see what's there. You may be surprised. You may be delighted. You may be taken aback. But life is life. And it will deliver to you. And you will pick it up. You can coax it, but you cannot demand from it, for life has a mind of its own.

Stitches in life are sewn, and some go this way, and others go that. But you, My beloveds, are always going higher.

You cannot pose one way in life and stay there forever. You have to move around in life, or it is not life. Staying still is not life on earth. But no matter what the scenery, the stage is the same, and you do not lose your place on it.

Who said that life was supposed to be one way and not another?

Do not be afraid of life. It is yours in any case. Meet it halfway.

You have a certain amount of destiny in life, and it rushes to you or you rush to it. Full-flung are you in the midst of your life. You may try to back away from it, but then you back into it. You are on a train of life. No matter what compartment you go to on the train, you are still on it.

Sit back then a little. Dabble your heart in life like fingers in a stream of water. You don't have to have your heart set one way or another. Easy is the heart and open to all directions.

Embrace your expectations less and life more. You will not feel so jolted. You tend to sit up straight with your expectations and then you are unbending. You are merciless in your stand of how life is supposed to come to you. Let go a little of your expectations of life, and more goodness of life will enter. Expectations are like blinders.

Expecting is holding on. When you hold on, you become demanding. You resent that life has been contrary to you. But it may be you who has been holding on too tight to what is contrary to life, and so you have squeezed it.

All you can do is open yourself to life. A new peak rises before you, and you rise with it.


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