Return to Truth

God said:

In all things, follow your heart. Your life is not a question of what to believe in or what is correct to follow. It is a question of what is true. Truth resides in your heart. It stirs there.

Do not let what I say be misunderstood. This is not a matter of whim nor necessarily of preference. There is something solid in your heart that becomes unsettled when you divert from it. What is your heart telling you?

Your heart does not come from lack. When you feel lack, your heart wants its truth to be heard. Do not seek so much to feed your heart but to listen to it. Let your heart feed you. The sequence involved here may be different from the one you have been accustomed to.

You have thought your heart was a like a pet in the zoo. When it was hungry and roared, you paid attention. Otherwise, your attention was primarily on other things. Return to the realm of your heart.

Your heart is a fount of knowledge.

Your heart does not need to be appeased. It needs to be recognized.

Your heart beats for all. Your heart sets up a rhythm, and other hearts respond to it, whether they know it or not, whether you know it or not.

The importance of your heart's making peace with itself has been overlooked.

Remember, We are not talking about merely feeling good. Forgetfulness can make you feel good, but We are talking about remembering.

The still silent voice is big. It is not small. It booms. Welcome it. My voice in your heart is My love. Do not banish yourself from your heart.

The heart recognizes only truth. Anything but truth is foreign to the heart. It cannot compute it. Do not frustrate your heart. Let it give you knowledge.

The heart feels discontent when it is not heard. Hear My heart in yours. You will not think so much about what your heart feels. You will think more of what it tells you. You will feel beyond your feelings, just as you see beyond and hear beyond what is directly before you.

You are getting closer to the more you have been seeking.

The power of your heart is limitless.

It is the heart that transcends ordinary life.

The heart is your airplane. Let it take you somewhere. Let it fly you to Me. Let Us meet in midair. Let Us Meet on the way to each other. Let Us create new horizons of color and light together. Let Us not be earthbound.

What has kept you back from soaring to Me?

Do not blame it on earth. The responsibility for you is not earth's. It is yours. What have you allowed to hamper Our engagement with one another? What imaginary happening or thought has kept you from the sure knowledge of Me? What can keep you from your acquaintance with Me deep in your heart? What is this estrangement that you pay so much attention to?

Estrangement is all one-sided. Surely you know that. Surely you know that My desire is for Us to be together and to know Our Oneness. I am aware of everything. I am aware of you.

What I speak of is beyond physical. What I speak of is beyond thought. Even beyond heart because the heart is the entranceway to a greater Kingdom.

I am the Knower, and you will know Me and you will know all that the universe contains, and you will be the full-fledged Knower.

By then, you won't care who knows what. You will be so immersed in truth that you will only know immersion. As you leave a pool, you are wet. Immersed in Me, you never leave. You will know there is only pool. You will know there is only Heaven, and you cannot step out of it except by imaginings.

Return to Truth, for it has been seeking you.


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