Remembering and Forgetting

God said:

Often I speak to you about letting go of the past. Letting go is akin to forgetting. At the very least, letting go is putting aside something of the past. Much of the rest of the time I talk to you about remembering.

What you forget is unimportant. You don't need to keep it with you. You don't have to carry a great deal of information with you. That is how you stuff your head. I suggest you clear it. Do a lot of forgetting. Let go of facts and much accumulation of knowledge for it clutters your arteries.

What it is vital to remember is Our connection. Yes, remember Me. Remember My existence. Remember My presence with you. Remembering Me clears your veins. You become more clear-thinking. You cannot remember everything and be clear-thinking.

You cannot keep your closet jam-packed and have it clear. You will have to forage through a stuffed closet before you can find what you are looking for. Time and time again. Every time. The same with your refrigerator. You have to move things to find what you want or to even see what you've got. Keep only a few things, not everything. Then you can see.

And so you want to keep clear paths in your mind.

So much of your life you were taught to remember this and remember that. Now I tell you to forget. All the tidbits of knowledge you have, it's all right to forget them. Your life is not a quiz show. Nor is it a court trial. You do not need to carry testimony of your existence or worth. Facts and details are only facts and details, and they are not what you are made of, and they are not what you are for.

Remembering Me is clearing your path. Remembering Me is a snow shovel. Remembering Me erases the debris.

Now, although I say, "Remember Me", that is not exactly what I mean. I do not know a word in your language for what I mean. Yes, it is good to have a thought of Me, but I do not mean thought alone.

Maybe what I want to say is: "Have a recognition of Me."

"Turn towards Me."

"Think of Me with your heart."

"Look for Me."

"See how close I am."

"Look for Me in a crowd."

"Keep an eye out for Me, day or night."

"Get ready to move closer to Me."

"Expect Me."

"Reacquaint yourself with Me."

"Welcome Me."

"Accompany Me."

"Keep our appointment."

I mean all that when I say to remember Me. So you see I don't really mean to keep thoughts of Me in your head. I do mean to remind yourself of Me, however. Remind yourself of Our perpetuity.

Do I also mean to love Me? Love is not an order I give. It is not an instruction either. Recognizing Me is enough. Of course you cannot separate love from recognition. Every time you discover Me, love rushes in, love meeting love, love bumping into itself, love overflowing, love for the sake of itself, love for the occasion of love, love leaping, love dormant woken up so it can see itself everywhere.

We are meeting right now. Our hearts touch. Where are your thoughts now? Our immediateness of love doesn't leave much room for thoughts. Who wants to think in My embrace? What shopping list can possibly be on your mind when We are immersed in Our love for each other? What can possibly be left out? What on earth is there to remember besides Us?


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