God said:

My nature is happiness. I am exquisitely happy, and I am exquisitely happy with you. This is hard for you to understand because you are not always so happy with yourself. Certainly not always radiantly happy. You learned dissatisfaction. You did not learn it from Me.

Learning from Me, you will see the universe as a beautiful rolling out of color, and you will be delighted with all of the rippling colors. You will see that the world is a diamond extolling its blessings to you, and the different colors are merely the same light refracted from different angles. You will see a magnificent display of Oneness. You will see.

How many expressions of My light can there be? Infinite are the expressions of My light, for My light is infinite.

My light is inescapable, for you are a carrier of it.

There is nothing in the universe but My light.

It never turns off. It is never dimmed.

Your eyes and heart have to open. That's all.

Darkness is an illusion. It must be. If all is light, light is all there is.

Note the rising sun. It follows its course. At dusk it dips behind the curve of the earth called horizon. The light has not really gone anywhere. It is covered, that's all.

It was a significant moment of evolution when mankind realized that the sun always shines. Like a beautiful woman, the earth turns and looks at itself in a mirror from many sides. The mirror is light, and the beautiful woman and the beautiful earth are merely reflections of light, turned this way and that, seen from many angles in the mirror of My light. My light ever shines. Sometimes My light is forgotten, and attention is given to only those things which are displayed in My light.

Everyone loves My light. Mirrors of light, pools of light. Yet often they think what they see in the mirror is all there is to see.

Narcissus fell in love with his reflection. He believed the edges of himself and forgot the pool. He looked at an imagined outline, and forgot the light that created the reflection. The delineations within the light were drifting ripples. Narcissus fell in love with illusion. As have you.

Fall in love with light instead.

Narcissus did not love himself. He loved a picture of himself. He loved his looks. He loved other than himself. He loved something he saw with his eyes. He saw something at the surface of the pool, and immersed himself in that. But how deep is the surface of the pool? It is not deep at all.

But you are deep.

Narcissus fell in love with a portrait. He stopped there.

He did not know who he was, therefore, he fell in love with a mere image.

It has been said that you are made in My image. That means you are made in My light. You are My light. You are not a sketch of it. You are it.

Narcissus loved a photograph of himself, and that was the birth of ego. Narcissus did not know what he saw in the pool of light. He thought the reflection was someone else. He thought he saw another. He thought there was another.

But there is more truth to the story of Narcissus. And it is this: There is no one on earth or water to love but yourself. If only you would know who you are.

To know who you are, first you have to know what you are made of. You are made of My light. There is nothing else for you to be made of. You are light. You are the light of God.


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