God said:

Consider the course of your life a rainbow that you walk on. A rainbow is a circle. However, only one half of it is visible across the sky. All the while, a rainbow is supported by the other unseen half of itself. Perhaps a rainbow revolves itself. If that is the case, you have seen all of it at one time or another.

But not even one arc of a rainbow is always visible to you. Most days it is not. Rainbows, even the thought of rainbows, stir your heart with a faintly-remembered reality. When the world is distraught, when you are in despair or saddened, pull down a ribbon of rainbow into your heart. Take all of its colors close to you. Rainbows are meant to exalt you. That is to say, to restore you to yourself.

Look for rainbows often, for they are a signal to you of great things to come. You will be pleased to know, whether it is visible or not, rainbow light radiates. It radiates everywhere.

It radiates within you. All you have to do is bring it out. The stirrings of your heart are the stirrings of these colors. These filaments of light refracted are the contents of your heart. These filaments of light are what you are made of. You are that beautiful light.

You love a rainbow so much because you recognize yourself in it. A rainbow reminds you of your connection to it and all of humanity. Imagine, One Light refracted in so many beautiful ways.

And, so, light walks on light. This is the story of Creation. And what a creation it is. What a God am I Who created so much beauty! How did I tie light in so many ways as to create such magnitude and variety of beauty? I breathed My breath, and I breathed life into light.

The stars are no more My light than you. All the light of Heaven is within you. The light of Heaven is not different from the light on earth. The difference is how well the light is magnified. In Heaven, no light is kept to itself. All the light of Heaven is out in the open and revealed. None of Heaven's light is withheld, yet all the light on earth is not revealed. Yet My light is meant to be seen everywhere.

Let your light sparkle. Don't wait for later. Don't wait for sometime. Don't wait for a more auspicious time. Right now is auspicious.

Do not be shy. Do not hesitate about showing your light. Certainly do not apologize for it. Why would I bestow My light on you unless it was for you to shine?

Have you been waiting for permission? Well, then, you have it. You have carte-blanche. Shine My light to beat the band. If you think you don't know how to shine My light, then blink it! Many blinks of My light will make a great light for all to see. You will see.


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