One Ray of Sun

God said:

How beautiful is My creation before you. How beautiful is one leaf, one slip of creation, one morsel, one face, one ray of sun. How beautiful are you. Love creation. Love yourself. Love the stream of consciousness that you are.

All flows. All flows from the Ocean. This is the motion of life. Creation swims before you. Arms rotate in the water and splash. This is life, the concentric circles made, eddies made in a configuration called life in the world.

If there is life in the world, then there must also be life not in the world. Life in the world and life out of this world are both tremendous causes for celebration.

You are My cry of joy. I celebrate you, beloveds. I have hosted a great party to which you have been invited. You accepted the invitation, and you came just in time for the event.

It was not a pot luck the party I gave, but you brought something just the same. You brought the gifts I had given you. You did not leave them on a table in the foyer. You carried them with you. You showed Me how delighted you were with what you had been given and brought along.

You sang for Me that which was yours to sing. You played the piano, trilling notes. You wrote plays and acted them out for the benefit of all.

At this Grand Party, I gave in the anteroom of Heaven, you did not always see Me in the throng. I had so many hands, however, I could take care of all My guests all at once.

I moved so fast and My Light so bright, you were dazzled. You blinked your eyes. My eyes never wavered from yours, not for one minute.

When something spilled, I was there to help you wipe up the spill. I saw to it that you did not slip in what had befallen you. I cushioned your fall. I lifted your head. If you breath halted, I woke you in the heart of Heaven, and you awakened in My arms, guest of My heart, My beat returned.

You took up the rhythm of My heart. You walked into it. You entered My Being just as fully and easily as if you have never left, as if you had always been a pulse of My heart, which, of course, is the case.

You awake where you had always been. Only now, you were not distracted. With the physical left behind, you had total immersion in Me, and you knew it. This was Heaven, and you welcomed yourself. You welcomed yourself. Ushered into the inner chambers of My heart, you made yourself right at Home.

All the streams and ribbons and threads of life met in this singular moment of eternity. All returned to the Source which they had never left. Leaving is an impossibility. How can you leave that which never leaves you?

You matter to Me, you who deluded yourself that you were separate from Me. Oneness you were, and to Oneness you came. Oneness sparkled in the sunlight, and Oneness glowed in the night. And Oneness rushed into its own arms and flung itself to the Universe, did a wild dance on the surface of the Moon, catapulted to Earth and picked up where it left off.

Not a step or beat was missed. You arose and took the world as your dance floor. You made merry, even though you sometimes called it woe. You seemingly departed from the stream of love you were paddling on. You swam free-stroke and thought you had lost your way when, all the while, there was no way to lose. You could not lose the path of life because there was nothing else to be on.

You were dancing, and you were swinging in the air, always held in My arms, always My thought pursuing itself.