One Heart in the Universe

God said:

Consider that I am the lines in the palm of your hand. Certainly, I am in the palm of your hand. Certainly I am established here in the hands that toil for Me. How perfectly your palm bends with Me in it.

Press your palm against your heart. Stamp Me in your heart. I am already embedded in your heart, but re-stamp My presence with the palm of your hand. As a blind person, see with your hands. Do you not feel Me in the caverns of your heart? I am the etching of your heart. I am embossed on the walls of your beating heart.

What am I etched in? In gold? Yes, I am etched in the gold called love. I am permanently impressed in your heart. I cannot be erased or rubbed off. There is no removing Me from your heart. It is My Will to remain in your heart. I like to be heart-felt.

I am nailed to your heart, paper-clipped, stapled, glued. Your heart is filled with Me. Whenever you feel love in your heart, that’s Me you feel.

I have never been out of your heart. I have never been out of your hearing nor out of your sight. Whether you hear or see Me is another story, but it is firm that I have never been absent. Where would I go? Where would I want to? Your heart is inundated with Me. That’s how I would have it.

There is One Heart in the universe, and I am It. Did you really think that your heart belonged to you, that it was yours, and yours alone? How presumptuous of you, to think that you owned your heart when it is Mine all along? Would you really take over your heart for the sake of saying so? Would you really want to remove Me from office? I am all set up in your heart, and I have no intention of leaving. My intention is My Will, and My Will be done.

No, you are stuck with Me forevermore. I am a tenant who will not leave. Change the locks, and still I stay. Barricade the doors, do as you may, I am established in your heart. I have settled here, and I mean to stay. You might as well give in. Give in to love, My beloveds.

I am the filling of your heart, the heart of Mine placed within you. I am the filling and I am the signal. I am the Everything in your heart. It is I Who fills Our shared heart with Myself. We share this heart in Name only. It is all Mine. No matter what you do, your heart is Mine. Give in now. This is the one thing in life to give in to. Your heart does not belong to you. It never did. It is fully an instrument of My love. I stored My love here. Your heart is not even on loan to you. You are simply the storehouse of My heart of love. My wares are love, and you are the warehouse. You keep My inventory.

I tell you this so you will know that the ego of you is immaterial to you. The Heart of Me is material. What is your ego but a little speck of dust? Your ego is not existent even in the field of illusion when My love exists in your heart, when your heart is Mine, irrevocably Mine.

It is really not that We share your heart. It is all Mine, beloveds. That is how We are One. I am introducing you to yourself which is Myself. I say to Myself, “How do you do?” And I answer Myself, “I am doing very well, thank You.” You ask Me, “What is Your name?” I reply, “My name is Love.” And you say in awe, “Why, that is my name too.”