No Weeds in Heaven

God said:

If all of what you see as problems in life were erased, what would you be left with? People and situations would vanish. What would take their place? What would you gain from removal of what you identify as problems?

What would life be without involvement? The tussles in life that you protest are like learning how to crochet. Every day, perhaps every moment, arrives with a new stitch to uncover. Would you rather not wrap the yarn around your finger and see what you can do? Even if what you crochet turns out to be all knotted, would you really rather not crochet?

From your bias, no one is perfect in the world. And yet you demand overt perfection from others and yourself. Sometimes you are kinder to others than you are to yourself. Consider, if you will, that you are supposed to make errors. Consider, if you will, that errors are perfect, and you are perfect to make them. Certainly, they are here to be made.

Do you realize how you compound so-called error into guilt? Rather than erase problems, erase your thoughts about them. Think other thoughts. Do not tie yourself up in what you see as knotty problems.

You are free to explore life. You were not designed to sit in a corner and watch life run past you.

At the same time, you are an observer of life. An observer is neutral. He has not bet on outcomes one way or another. He simply observes. An observer is not to draw conclusions. He is to observe. Be you observant today.

In the Garden of Eden there are no weeds. I use the word "weed" as you used the word "problem". In Heaven, nothing is a weed! The concept of weed is unknown. There can be none. There is place for everything in Heaven. Why not on Earth?

Life in the world keeps changing. So long as you are alive on Earth, you are subject to change. Is it possible that you see change as a problem? You label some changes good, and some bad. What if, seen from a greater vantage, there is neither good nor bad? It could be said that all is good. Is there a word in your language that does not have its opposite? It is that word without antonym that I seek for you.

There is Is-ness, not not-ness. There is not six of one and a dozen of another.

And yet there are many colors. But do you not love color?

There are many sounds. But do you not love sound?

There are many sights. But do you not love seeing?

There are many tastes. Do you not relish the variety?

Would you really want life to be only one way? What would you be here for if life rode a straight line from which you could not diverge? Would you be prefer to be a robot and lead a robot's life? Would you really prefer that life not be life?

It is a higher platform I would give to you.

Life on Earth is a passing thing. But you, the observer, are eternal. You really are not a tumbleweed who is tossed up and down by every breeze that blows. Of course, every day you ride a swing. You are lifted up to Heaven and set down on Earth. But you do not have to put the skids on while you are on Earth.


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