New Thoughts Await You

God said:

Nothing is so far away from you as you may think. Not the stars, not the galaxies, not Heaven, not the center of the Earth, not China. Everything is close to you. What is in your awareness is close to you.

Every thought of yours sets up a vibration within you. Thoughts of Heaven create a harmonic vibration. Thoughts of peace are equally aligned. Thoughts of war are quite another vibration. You are vibrating to your thoughts constantly. Sometimes this is subtle and you are unaware. But sometimes you are aware. You know how you feel when you are angry. You know how you feel when you justify anger. You know how you feel when you are sorry. You know how you feel when you bounce a ball and get it in the basket. You know how you feel when you commit a kindness.

Sometimes people don't care how they feel, or they chase a phantom. Sometimes a lessening of consciousness feels like a victory when truth and love have been traded for a sense of power. What is meanness but trying to lower another's consciousness?

Try love which raises consciousness, for you as well as others. If you feel the need for upliftment today, lift your thoughts. Thoughts are meant to uplift. What other worthy purpose could they serve?

Thoughts are not meant to idle your life away.

Changing your perception and letting go of the past are the same. It is your thoughts you move on in.

My thoughts are resonating out through the entire universe, and you are free to take them as your own. I wish you would.

Consider that I have hung clotheslines of My thoughts across the firmament, and all you have to do is to reach up and take one down at a time, or as many as you like. What may seem like new thoughts are Mine, and My thoughts are thrilled when you take them.

You have been taking thoughts from other people and other places all the time. Now take Mine. I give them to you. You might as well avail yourself of them. In any case, you know you want higher thoughts. You know you don't want those same ones rolling around in your head.

Perhaps you have thought you are at the mercy of your thoughts. That is perfectly one of your lesser thoughts.

Choose a theme for your day today, and useful thoughts will arise to fill it. Choose a theme of peace, love, kindness, fun, joy, and see what thoughts come to you. Invite them. If you are stymied, go into nature and choose its silence as your own. From silence, you will rise to new heights of thinking.

Uncrowd your thoughts. Let useless thoughts go. Unless they raise you, they are useless. You do not need more thoughts to keep you where you are. I am saying that you can rise to any height you choose. And I am nudging you to start choosing what you want to make uppermost in your mind.

If your mind has been on problems, turn your thoughts right side up. Your thoughts are powerful, whatever they are. You are rooted in your thoughts, and like plants, thoughts grow and reveal themselves. What do you want to see? That is the direction to take your thoughts in.

Surely you prefer ease to frustration. Surely you prefer success to disappointment. Well, then, emphasize ease and success.

If that is too much effort, then simply turn your thoughts to the stars and galaxies. Look up and thank the Sun and the Moon for shining on you. They will bestow you their vibrating energy so that new thoughts will arise in you.


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