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God said:

Beloveds, when you feel bleak, there is something you have misunderstood. Even lack of understanding is misunderstanding, for beneath and behind and above everything stands the full stream of love known as God. By whatever Name you call Me by, I am known. I am more than My Name, just as you are more than yours.

Your Earth name is a tag, that's all. A tag is attached to something. Remove the tag, and you are still you, your identity unchanged.

Your name is Child of God. I have also variously called you Love. Others may call you Joe. But whatever name is tagged onto you, you are My Forever Child, the Golden Child of My Heart. No matter how far away you think you have traveled, you are My Eternal Child, and you have never been anywhere but safe in My Heart. There is no other place where you can be, for place, as you know, does not exist.

There is not even a you, yet you were born from My heart. I carry that which I gave birth to. You are permanently carried in My heart. I do not jostle you. Your mind ran away, however. Your mind eloped with itself.

You are the beat of My heart. Your heartbeat is not random. It beats the same tune of Oneness that thumps in Mine. I may be called One Mind, but I am One Heart, and so are you. You are never out of My Heart of Oneness. You are not just a strand of My Heart. You are My Heart Supreme. Our hearts beat as One. You understand what I mean when I say heart, this great symbol of love.

There is no non-love, just as there is no non-Oneness, yet we speak in a language of symbols that by their existence must disperse Oneness into strands. All words are metaphors. Each is a specious comparison of what is incomparable. And yet each word carries its own vibration, so the symbols so recklessly used, carry a greater import than their given meaning. Symbols do have importance, even though love and Oneness are what matter. Of course, this has to be so, that symbols have importance or why would your thoughts, whether they are unspoken, spoken or written, matter so much? You know they matter. They matter very much to how you feel and they matter very much to the configuration of life on Earth.

Although there is nothing but love that is real, on the surface of life, war exists. The thoughts and words and symbols of man add to the blend of creation as it is seen in the world. Everything is governed by your thoughts. And your thoughts take form in words. Your chosen words shape your thoughts, and your thoughts shape the world. The world is materialized by the mind of man.

There are words that are closer to truth than other words. These are the words you want to partake of.

Just as when you play the piano, you strike some notes and not others. Depending upon the music you want to play, you press certain chords and not others.

Language is like a piano you play.

Words are the piano keys of your mind. Your heart doesn't use words. Your heart is beyond words. But if you are going to use words, then choose sweet ones. Bespeak the sweetness of life, and incur more.

Everything has a deeper meaning than at first sight. You understand or not understand or misunderstand on more than one lane at a time. Concurrently, you live in the world of Human thought and Divine Thought and, most of all, in the world of God's Heart.

I am not thinking all the time the way you do. If love can be called a thought, I thought love. In that case, My thought was of you.


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