Must You Accept No as Irreversible instead of Yes?

God said:

Beloved, are you on Earth at this time in order to shake your head no most of the time? Hardly. How can this be the best use of your time? We all know what Dr. Phil would say to this: “How well has it worked for you so far?”

How well has this worked in yay so many thousands of years of the life of the world you live in? Hmm, this hasn’t exactly been prime time. In fact, this has has been called Kali Yuga, which can be translated into hard times. Do you really have a choice to make?

Are you keener in proving yourself right than in being reasonably happy?

How is this favorable to you? Do you pat yourself on your back, and this feels good to you? This is how you move mountains? Huh?

Does no have to be your clarion call? Aren’t you getting a little tired of hanging on by now? Are you the early bird that catches the worm yet?

Perhaps your refrain is bye and bye, or later gator, or plain another time when I have more energy and feel more like it.

Sure, you’re always going to jump on this track – but when? How long have you been going to?

This isn’t the first time I have asked you, “When?”

Sometimes you have wondered if you are still sleeping on automatic.

Time to light a fire under you, Beloved. This waiting for a sure thing maybe only be a song and dance by now.

Go for it. How long does someone live in arrears? How long can you live on dreams, and why do you want to, or why do you wait to? Get on with it. Go for it. Get ahead or cut bait. Who says it’s better to wait than to be sorry? Add up the times you have sat back.

What if you do leap ahead? What is the difference if you make it? Why NOT make it? If you are the exception, then be the exception.

What if you do make it? What if you don’t make it? Not making it is better than never having gone for it. It is better to have derring-do than not ever going for it.

On the other hand, look what has been tried and worked. In for a mile than out for nothing.

Get up from the couch. Move.

Who limits you but you? Who decided that you are to be a straggler who naps all the time when you could be riding on a choo-choo? Getty up, little dogie. There’s a whole world out there waiting for you to grab it. Give yourself a mission. Get a wiggle on.

The Sun is shining.

Make hay while the Sun shines. What are you waiting for? When are you going to plant your crop? Beloved, the time is always now.

The sure way is to limp along, yet what fun is that? Go for some adventure. Better to have lost than to never have tried and then be sorry or something like that.

You were never made to be a straggler. You can straggle without ever trying. What good does that make? Toot your own horn. What are you waiting for – the trees to bow down to you? Make something happen while the dew is still on the grass. The grass could bow down to you. You have a chance. If anyone has a chance, you do. All you have to do is to get out there.

Nothing pondered, nothing found. Bet some money on yourself.

You may be sure I am betting more on you than money. Go for some get-up-and-go. I am rooting for you. Laws-a-day, now root for yourself.