Moccasins, Not Boots

God said:

You create trouble for yourself when you are convinced that something has to be the way you think it should be. When you think something is not the way you think it should be, you make an obstacle of it. Into obstacles, you put resistance. And so a resistance within you builds, and that very resistance becomes your obstacle.

Even when you dial the telephone, and the line is busy, you are annoyed. What is annoyance but a resistance you have built? Not only do you feel that something must be the way you think and want, but you feel it has to be the way you think and want right this minute, and so you become impatient. Then you have made something urgent, no matter how little its value.

And so you tense and so you have made time of the essence.

What if when you make your call and the line is busy, you would react: "Good, the line is busy. We will talk later." What have you lost but impatience, and what have you gained but peace?

You think the juke box should play a certain song, but it plays another. What you ordered was not played at that time, and you are foiled again. Do you see how you foil yourself?

Today be delighted at the interferences that come. Do not interfere with them. Let them be. Make them joyful. If you miss one bus, you will catch another. In the meantime, make the wait worthwhile. Spend it some other way than bemoaning the missed bus.

The little things do not have to trip you up.

What if you really are on schedule? What if the deadlines you have in mind are incorrect? What if it is your timing that is off?

Get in tune with the universe. The trees bemoan nothing. Even when the cold nips their buds, the trees are fine. A late frost does not shake their laughter. Why does it shake yours?

Throw away your clocks for a day or two. Tell time by the sun. Or throw time to the winds, and sit a spell with Me.

There is no hurry. Hurry is manufactured. It is a man-made item. It is cheap. It is wasteful. Hurry delays you. Do not let time rule your life. It is a menial despot.

Hurrying is a departure from your life. It is getting on the wrong train. It goes fast, but it doesn't take you where you want to go. It just gets you to the wrong place fast. It makes you out of sorts.

Do cartwheels in life, not mad dashes.

Do somersaults.

Roll up hills.

Lie on your back and count the clouds by day and the stars by night.

You do not need to rush to meet life.

Let life meet you.

Do not pick up life and carry it every which way.

Let good fortune pick you up and carry you high.

Let it carry you over the lintel. Let what life has ordered for you be a surprise. You do not have to lay out a map ahead of time. You do not have to walk a fine line. Walk a broad swath.

Adventure into life today, and make it what you will by not laying in wait for it. Start walking and discover all that you might have missed if you hastened or set up trenches.

Embark upon life. Tread lightly. Be light-footed. Wear moccasins not boots. Make life yours by letting it go free. Do not be tight-fisted with life. Let it loose. Put your hair down. Be present in your life. Do not rush ahead of it.