Messengers of Love

God said:

All blessings come from Me. All. Those who deliver My blessings are messengers of love. I mention this so you will remember from Whom all blessings come. Behind every gift am I. Thank the deliverers of My messages, and remember they are only the messengers. I blessed them to be My messengers. I blessed you to be My messenger. I ask you to remember this so that you stay in balance.

Sometimes you might give away too much of yourself in gratitude to another. Stay intact, beloveds. Your gratitude to Me will never be misplaced. It will make you stronger. I ask nothing of you for My enhancement. I do not need enhancement. I have no needs except a meaningful desire to make you know you are welcome in My heart. With gratitude to Me, you welcome yourself. I am the Power and the Glory. Gratitude toward Me makes you greater. Sometimes gratitude to people makes you less.

And when you are My messenger who delivers My blessings, you are My trusted messenger. I trust you to remember that the messages you deliver are from Me. This keeps you humble, and this keeps you from expecting something in return from anyone. Just remember I have blessed you to give My messages. Any return to you also comes from Me. The person you deliver My messages of love to may thank you. When they do, know that you accept the thanks they give on My behalf. Relay gratitude given to you to Me.

Beloveds, you have My gratitude. Gratitude is a form of love, and that is what I have, and that is what I give.

I express My love in many ways.

Think of it! Every morning I give you a beautiful sunrise. And in the evening, lest you forget Our connection of love, I give you a beautiful sunset. Rush out of your house to see the manifestation of My love in the sky. No two sunsets are the same, yet they are all sunsets. In much the same way, every child of Mine is unique, and yet every one is My child. I also gave you to the world, and each day you appear.

I gave you, and continue to give you the jewels in the night sky.

I give you trees and flowers that grow. I give you everything. Will you be pleased with Me?

Trees silently thank Me as they grow to the sun. You also grow to the sun. Trees are also My children. Certainly I am the Creator of them. My love is equal. I bequeath the same love and amount of love to My trees of the forest as I bequeath to you. I do not know how to give less than all My love.

Beloveds, you are growing to that. You who are My love give My love. You who are already My love become My love in your vision of yourself. Then you are established in My Being. Then you manifest pure love. At that point, it can be said that you are your own messenger of love, even though it is still Mine. When the time comes, you will not know the difference, nor will you care Whose love is Whose. Your gratitude for love itself will be so great that you will know nothing else but love and love for love which is named gratitude. Gratitude will become Thy name, and you will be grateful for and loveful of each pebble on the ground and every foot that steps on it. You will be grateful, beloveds, not as indebtedess but as freedom. It is your free will to be immersed in gratitude.