Marvelous Creation

God said:

How marvelous is this creation I have made. How marvelous are you. You hold the world together. It may not seem to you that you do, but you do. You fold the world over nicely. You drape it throughout the universe. Skies peek through clouds to see the magnificent planet Earth displayed with you on it. The Earth circumferences itself. The horizon presents itself. And you peer up to the sky as it gazes down on you. The sky comforts you, and you like to look up at the sky. Every time your eyes glance at the sky, you bless it. The sky cavorts in joy that it has you to gaze upon.

So interrelated are you with everyone and everything on Earth. There is not a day that you do not affect the world, and not a day that the world does not affect you. You are an interlocutor of the universe. It is like you twirl the world. You spin it, and so the world spins as if on the gossamer wings of your thoughts.

You are a Being from Heaven come. You landed on Earth. So appreciative were you, you stood up with your arms above you, the aim of your fingers reaching to Heaven. And Heaven came down to kiss your fingers, folded them, pressed your hands to your heart, and said:

“Here, this is where you will find me now. I am inside you in your heart where God left it. He left me in your heart for safe-keeping so you do not have to wait for Heaven, so you can have me any time, day or not, that you want. He left Heaven in your heart to grow. First to have my seeds of love sown on Earth, and then to grow, so that you can easily see Heaven within and Heaven without, until there would be no difference between Earth and Heaven or between Heaven and Earth. All would be inner, and all would be outer, and no difference between in and out to tell. All would be within, and all would be without. Your heart would have turned itself inside out, and it would warm the world and it would light the world, and the world would be spectacular, as spectacular as it was meant to be, as you were meant to see it, and as you were meant to be seen

“You and the world are reciprocal. The world is like a letter you have written to yourself, or a song you wrote and dedicated to yourself, or a pool of water into which you look and see your own shimmering reflection. The world, a frenzy of beauty, will reveal itself as serene as a swan on water.

“The world will see you as you see it. You are the underpinnings of the world. You may think you float on the surface of the world, but you are its bulwark. The world floats on your back. You might as well hold it high. You might as well announce the glory of the universe, for are you not its partner? Surely you are. Surely you dosy-do with the world. Surely the world is your knapsack. Surely the world weighs nothing. The world is to be a light wand in your hand, and as you wave it, stars perform. How lovely is the wand of the world as you perform magic with it. You perform the magic of life, and so the world becomes God’s miracle. You are already God’s miracle.

“You are the miracle of life, and what is that but God’s?”


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