Many Miracles

God said:

Every morning your body gets up, but your soul is always rising. In sleep, your soul rises. In waking, your soul rises. Unlike the body, your soul does not get fatigued. Your soul knows only rising.

And you, the individual of you, live in two worlds. You live in the world of body, and you live in the land of soul. Earth and Heaven, My dear ones. You may not pay attention to that which We call Heaven, but you can be sure you spend time with Me. That you are many-dimensioned means that you do.

And the realm of Heaven is within you. It is not elsewhere. There is no elsewhere. Elsewhere is all made up. It is a fantasy. Often lovely, sometimes not.

What if, in the morning, instead of thinking you are getting up to meet your day, you think you are rising to Heaven? What if you pre-empted your usual morning thoughts, and told yourself: "I am getting out of bed and into Heaven!"

What if you told yourself that today would be Heavenly instead of excruciating?

If you do not see Heaven yet this morning, what if you spend your day on the lookout for it? What might happen?

Envision Heaven on earth today.

You have lived enough of your life on earth envisioning less than Heaven. Now envision miracle after miracle, miracles like waves lapping, all surging in your direction.

At what point in your day, will you spot a miracle? You do not know. That is just right. You do not know. But until this moment, in your mind you have traded lesser events for miracles. Today you will be a better tradesman. You will trade in gold rather than tin.

Oh, in one sense, you may grasp that all of life is a miracle and that everything in it is. You know that. You speak, you communicate. These sounds out of your mouth form into words into thoughts into meaning, and they are heard and understood. What a miracle the conveyance of thought is!

Even these bodies of yours that you lug around are miracles. Faces, eyes, hands, beautiful aspects of Heaven, no two alike yet all the same.

And nature unfolding. There is no day without nature. There is no day without weather, and much can be seen through trees. Even the hottest pavement in the biggest city has not yet escaped the hand of nature.

Air is everywhere, and some of it is fresh and smells good.

Stores have flowers.

Fabrics have flowers drawn on them.

The sun and moon are popular.

Dogs exist. A little more aware of miracles are they than you.

But today you will anticipate miracles.

You will look for them wherever you turn.

And you will find them.

Instead of a fact-finder, today you will be a miracle-seeker. Miracles are announced in your heart beforehand.

Some of the miracles you spot today will seem big and some will be little-seeming.

You will trip over some.

Some will sneak up on you.

Some will come from you. Is that not the greatest miracle of all, that from you in a body miracles appear? You appear to someone in bright light, and their day is lightened. You are a miracle-shooter.

Sprinkle the world with miracles today. Let your thoughts be miracles. Let your thoughts be conscious blessings that re-awaken the discovery of miracles in others.

The miracles are always there. They may need a little overture from you.

Auspiciousness is always there.

Serendipity is always there.

Love is always there.

And you are now the noticer of it and the purveyor of it.

I have sent you to earth for the purpose of giving and receiving miracles.