Making Friends

God said:

When you make friends, there is a vagueness within each of you that the other begins to smooth out. It may not feel to you that something is being smoothed, but it is. It is like wrinkles being removed. Both hearts will be clearer and more open because of this engagement between the two of you. You know, of course, the engagement is between the One of Me. The two of you become closer to Oneness. That is all it is. That is all it can be.

With every venture in life, this is what is happening. It happens on its own. You do not have to strive to be closer with Me. It is happening every moment. It happens to your awareness.

Of course you and those your heart loves are here to bring each other closer to Me. Even though there is no closer to Me, you fulfill that for each other. You may think this is the play of the world, but it is Divine play. You are playing at being Human Beings, as if there were closer to Me to get to. You are playing, that's all. You are children playing at being friends, and so you bring yourselves closer to Me.

You may feel that attention on a Human Being is an excursion from Me, but, no, you are riding an express right to the center of My heart. Human Beings do this for each other. You remember Me more. You zoom closer to Me. Have your little play at Humanness, and enjoy your ride to Me.

What can anything be but engagement with Me? Enjoy the engagement. Don't fuss about it. Let it be what it is. It needs no name. Its name is Fun. Its name is Joy. You play the piano, and you play a trill of love. You are playing out love in the world. You are stringing love across the universe. You weave it.

You and your friends are on an ocean voyage. You both stand at the prow. Even different-seeming directions point toward Me. You have never been pointed anywhere else.

This is what the bird outside your window is trying to tell you. It sings vociferously to you and to Me. It is telling you that the leaves on trees and bushes are making their way to Me as well as you. Now that the bird has been heard, he stops. Like you, the bird speaks for Me. You do not have to see the bird in order to hear his song.

You do not need to know the notes you play, but you play them. You play many chords, but they are still the Oneness of love, and I am the Piano upon which you play. And I am your Fingers, and I am the Music you play and the Music you hear. I am all of it.

You and I and all beings on Earth and in Heaven are one richness of spirit. We are like a flag that is unfurled. We wave in the breeze. All look up to see the waving flag. It is a Human instinct to look up, and it is also Divine.

Enjoy looking into another's eyes, and know you are looking into Mine. You melt into My eyes, and My eyes seemingly across from yours are the eyes you see from as well. That which sees is seen. There is no difference between you and another. You are the Oneness of Me, and, little by little, love teaches you this.


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